Edge Online Review: Buzz! Quiz TV

Edge Online writes: "It's easy to forget, perched on a Balance Board and furiously waving a Wii Remote, that Sony dallied with casual gaming a year before Nintendo, through SingStar in 2004 and Buzz! in 2005. Games for non-gamers, a market that didn't yet officially exist. Whether it's Sony's confidence in its creation or a case of not fixing something that isn't broken, this PS3 rebirth for the quiz series arrives, at first glance, almost unchanged.

Structurally, it's identical to previous PS2 installments. You and up to three friends test trivia skills using bespoke (and now wireless) buzzers. The TV show presentation returns, as does the perennially irritating host, whose last-gen design and Muppet-like flapping now looks clumsy and awkward against a suite of beautifully modeled and animated contestants who add much-needed charm. Rounds take a variety of forms: you might have to provide correct answers, win points based on reaction time or bet existing points to win more."

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