Yoshi's Woolly World may be cuddly, but it's as hardcore as you want it to be | Dealspwn Preview

Dealspwn: "Forget The Witcher and the Caped Crusader, because this summer is all about The Stitcher and the Cute Crochet-der. Exceptional puns aside (hold the applause), Yoshi's Woolly World is hitting Wii U later this month and it promises to be one of the biggest surprise hits of the year."

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TheImprobableMulk1259d ago

I won't lie - it does look glorious. And comfy.

Blues Cowboy1259d ago

Yup. Feel like Nintendo should ramp up the publicity a little bit, but reckon E3 will feature it pretty heavily. So ready for this, deserve a good Yoshi game.

gamingpro1259d ago

This game wasn't even on my radar, I dismissed it but now I'm thinking I might just have to pick this game up, sounds and looks good

1259d ago