Best Buy Canada’s E3 2015 Sale Revealed

For as long as we remember, Futureshop has had an E3 sale that blew away expectations. It originally started as a pre-order two and get one free model, but since the Canadian dollar has been falling, that deal has changed. Last year, Amazon and Best Buy both entered the fray by offering 30% off games if three were purchased, but with Futureshop no more, this year’s deal isn’t as grand.

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Outsider-G1131d ago

Much appreciated for posting this, ChaosKnight :)

WizzroSupreme1131d ago

Best Buy Canada's E3 2015 sale is a whole lot better than mine.

pecorre1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

2013 was 33% off with $60 games ($40)
2014 was 30% off with $65 games ($45)
2015 is 20% off with $80 games. ($65)

I preordered almost 20 games during the last two years, but this year, I won't pre-order a single one. I'll just wait for price drops.

kneon1131d ago

I've still got pre-orders from 2013 with the games at $40. They won't be making much off of those sales when they finally ship.

ShutUpDonny1131d ago

I think it was 22% with 3 games pre-order last year... I still have Batman AK to get from last year. Still, with the price of games now, it's not as exciting...

gamer91131d ago

Last year was 30% off, bringing 69.99 games to 48.99

JuleyJules1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Last year I got a ton at 30% off with 4 still to come whenever they release them and the prices of those went up when the dollar went down so I actually am saving even more! Whatever the deal is the lesson I learned is to pre-order as you can always cancel later on if you change your mind. 20% is better than nothing.

Crazay1131d ago

The Canadian retail landscape for electronics and games is getting pretty piss poor and it's not looking like it'll be getting any better any time .... ever again.

JuleyJules1131d ago

It's going to make Black Friday shopping in the US worthwhile for electronics again for big fall release games.

Crazay1130d ago

oh yea. no question at all. Maybe Toys R Us can pick up some of that slack... Who knows. Target is gone - they did a buy 2 get 1 free last year. Futureshop is gone. The source is hanging on by a thread. I hate EBGames so I try to never spend my money there. Doesn't leave many options.

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