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Hyped as Nintendo's new biggest IP, Splatoon is a colorful
fast paced shooter/platformer that has serious chops, but
does it have the sticking power of Nintendo's other
marque titles?

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B_Rickaby1164d ago

Too bad Nintendo made a fun game then hurt it with wonky features like that.

3-4-51164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Not a great review that skews a lot of facts and is just outright wrong in a lot of areas.

* "Along those lines, in about 30% of the games I played online (I counted), at least one member of my team would be inactive throughout the entire game, and there is nothing to help resolve this—like adding in a new player, or offering a handicap of some kind. So what that meant was that 30% of my games we were destined to lose before the match even started."

* I've been playing since day one, and I've had LITERALLY one instance where that has happened, and we still almost won.

We lost by 1%.

Sensationalism at it's best.

* You see though, millions of people won't read my review where it only happens once.

Millions will read this review where he says it happens 30% of the time.

Which is FALSE.

This leads to people not fact checking the "journalist" and accepting them at their word, and thus spreading that false info online.

EX: 5 hours later, 20+ topics about how 30% of splatoon's games have an idle person in them.

ALL THE WHILE it's not true, but nobody took the time to call this person out or fact check so their false WRONG information gets spread around as the truth.

This is how made up BS gets turned into rumors.

All those rumors you hear....this is how many of them start.

* I'd be willing to bet more people experienced more games that were 4v4 than were 3v4.....BY FAR!

Yet this "Journalist" will tell you otherwise.

Most people won't take the time out of their lives like I just did to call them out on it.

And when only one of us does usually falls on def ears.

* If WE ALL called ALL of these journalists out....including ones NOT within video games journalism.....Video games as a whole would be better off for it.

These sites LIVE off of this BS though.

shocked6861164d ago

It's a shame that such a fresh concept didn't have the substance to make it one of the greats. I'm glad Nintendo took the risk with a new IP but they've gotta go all in with it if they want to do it right.

desolationstorm1164d ago

I am not certain why Nintendo chose the 2 map approach. It has never really bothered me though. How the matches go is always quite varied and doesn't get tiring. One issue that does pop up from this approach is that there are times when you play the same level 4 matches in a row.

Nevers0ft1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

True. On paper, only having two maps available at a time seems really limiting but in practise you don't really notice... You just want to get in and splat some squid.