What to Expect From Nintendo at E3 in 2015

EB: "To say that Nintendo has a lot riding on this year’s E3 showing is an understatement. The gaming juggernaut is still struggling to help the Wii U find a connection with mainstream gamers, the amiibo scarcity has earned a fair amount of controversy, and rumors of a new system are in the works. To really impress niche fans and casual players alike, Nintendo will need to show up with a solid lineup of original, engaging titles at E3 next week — and I think they will do just that."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1050d ago

I just don't see Nintendo surprising anyone at E3, but would be nice if they did.

gamingpro1050d ago

I expect Nintendo to have the best showing at e3 just like they did last year.
Roll on e3

leemass241050d ago

what i expect realistically, star fox gameplay, shin megami v fire emblem 1st proper look at gameplay, xenoblade x release date or window, splatoon new mode announced and release date/window, devils third info n fast racing neo i think nintendo will be impressed by shinnons efforts so they'll include in the digital event, and general info on games like yarn yoshi ect. what i would love to see but probably won't happen, straight rights wii u port game is a port of the new deus ex, retro shows metroid prime 4, super smash warriors by koei tecmo, and anouma was lying about zelda not being at e3 and they show 1st full screen gameplay. like i said though these probably 100% won't happen but id be happy with atleast one of these happening.

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