Life is Strange Gets an E3 Accolades Trailer

EB: Square Enix has released what it dubs as an “E3″ trailer for Life is Strange, but it’s really just an accolades trailer for the game’s first few episodes.

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DarkOcelet1045d ago

I cant wait to see Vampyr from Dontnod.

On Topic: This game is one of the best i have ever played.

Kurisu1044d ago

Completed Episode 3 about 45 minutes ago! Looking forward to Episode 4, "Dark Room".

zsquaresoff1044d ago

This is a seriously good video game. Wonderful storytelling and great music.

DualWielding1044d ago

will buy once all episodes are out

Kurisu1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

That's what I was planning to do, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

Jyndal1044d ago

Any word on when Ep. 4 will be released?