Ratchet and Clank PS4 priced cheaper than your standard new release

According to Amazon, the Ratchet and Clank will be priced at $39.99, which is 33 percent less than what most new games cost on the PlayStation 4.

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Rimeskeem1284d ago

So is this the new game we are talking about? If so that's great news!

BiggCMan1284d ago

I wish more developers weren't scared of pricing their games less than 60 dollars. There is this dumb stigma that having a lower launch price means you are less of a game etc. If The Order was priced at 30 or 40 dollars, I feel the reception would have been much better on it. The sting would be much less for people. Because the game is really good, but nobody was happy with spending 60 dollars on a game that takes all of 10 hours to FULLY complete the entire trophy list and have nothing else to do. There is nothing wrong with pricing yourself accordingly to your content.

bouzebbal1284d ago

best play to play, and also the cheapest :)
this game looks ridiculous

psychobabble1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

They did this with Into the Nexus though, and it was really short on content compared to other entries like A Crack in Time. Still loved it. Got the Plat. Way, way too short.

Genuine-User1284d ago

They did this with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Puppeteer as well. Those two were not short on content.

DragonDDark1284d ago

Oh wow, that's surprising.

Benoski1284d ago

If that's true, then it'll probably be £29.99 in UK price.

I'll be shocked. This is one of the biggest upcomign PS4 games, so I would've expected it to be another $60 (£40) release...

Gority1284d ago

This is off topic, but why is it that games account for the difference between the dollar and the pound, but consoles don't? I believe PS4 was 400 pounds in the UK at release and 400 USD here.

Chevalier1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Probably tariffs. If there aren't parts made in the UK or any assembly in the UK the tariffs generally go up considerably.

Just look at this interesting interview of the insane cost of PS4 in Brazil due to import laws. 63% of the cost is taxes alone. They're considering building some PS4's in Brazil to bring cost down.

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The story is too old to be commented.