5 things Call of Duty must do to return to former glory

GameZone: "The Call of Duty series is one that is simply needs something fresh again. Sales are overall less than what they once were. Declining sales has become more and more common for the franchise. In an age of gaming where people complain, we are also at a point where people more often than ever actually question the value in a game. This value, is what is in question here. We are getting less for the same price, and has led some fans to be completely turned off to the series. Here are some things the Call of Duty series should take into consideration moving forward."

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ThePresentIsAgift1259d ago

Stop being released every year?

Sit on it for 2/3 years and come back with something, innovation I believe its called.

immabadguy1259d ago

You do know that every new game is being developed for 3 years by a different developer, right?

jv19911259d ago

But it still comes out every year thats his point.

SuperbVillain1258d ago

its watered down at this point

Antifan1258d ago

That's a big lie. Concept and story is thought up for 2 years. The actual game development takes only 8 months. Reusing maps, assets, and animations from previous games. COD ghost vs. MW2 copy/pasted cutscene is prove of that.

Loadedklip1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

To be honest ... Advance Warfare did change the formula.

Unfortunately I rather they just go back to the simpler formula they had with MW2.

Sometimes change is not for the best.

gangsta_red1259d ago

But then we would get a lot of people, especially the internet saying that it's the same thing every year(as they already do).

I agree that CoD should be left alone for a couple years. Let it sit while the developers can actually sit down and think of something new for the series to do.

iTechHeads1258d ago

COD games are on a 3-year dev cycle.

Timesplitter141258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

honestly I can't think of a way to make COD interesting again without changing it completely. It's a regular FPS, that's just it.

COD's problem is that there's just way too much of it. Anything can become boring if there's too much of it. For instance, survival games used to be my favorite thing ever but I got sick of them ever since they got released by the dozen every month on steam

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ThePresentIsAgift1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Black Ops 2 is my favourite in recent years, it really felt like they recognised the flaws and were trying to address at least some of them. Then back to square 0 with Ghosts and AW.

Appreciably COD is not Deus Ex, but they typically only come one game per console generation and are mind blowing. I don't mind waiting 3,4 or 5 years for something special. I think even bi-anual release would be better for them. It may technically be different studios but we end up with the same contrived product every year and that frankly sucks.

The world could wait years for GTAV and it sold like water during a drought, time apart does not hurt sales. COD to me now just smacks of blatant profiteering, hard for me to eee it as a quality product.

The ultimate rinse and repeat, its like the copy and paste of video games. Maybe thats a sad reflection of the times.

iTechHeads1258d ago

Actually it's not copy & paste at all. I can't believe you put together Ghosts with Advanced Warfare. They're completely different games. Have you even played them?

Skate-AK1258d ago

I have them both and the gameplay is crap. Black Ops 2 was a much more enjoyable experience. Ghosts and AW are the only CODs I haven't prestiged on at least 3 times.

DrDunc1258d ago

The reality is that people obviously like the formula of the games and therefore pick up the game year after year, its a similar situation with FIFA, Madden and a lot of other games. They change a few things to keep people happy but nothing too substantial that could anger the core fanbase. Pump out DLC and rinse and repeat its a winning business strategy for Activision.

From a creative standpoint it's nothing exciting, maybe even a little sad. But there are plenty of other games out there that are raising the bar year after year i.e Witcher, TLOU, Bloodbourne. Just because Call of Duty doesn't is no reason to dismiss the game all together.

It's been said before but don't like it don't buy it. Your money speaks louder than your words with these companies.

TXIDarkAvenger1258d ago

Eh none of these would personally attract me to coming back to CoD.

PistolsAtDawn1258d ago

I have loved the Treyarch ones since WaW...but honestly, if they don't get rid of quick-scoping and drop-shotting I don't think I'll play MP in COD's anymore. Not to mention COD's always seem to have 1 or 2 EXTREMELY over-powered weapons...that once discovered is all you see. Esp this year with Halo 5 looking as awesome as it does, this may be the first COD I sell back after beating the SP...and like I said, I normally like the Treyarch ones.

raWfodog1258d ago

My first CoD was Modern Warfare and I loved it. It was new to me and it seemed like everyone else loved it too. I didn't hesitate to get MW2 when it released but I noticed it didn't hold the same charm that MW had. I never was interested in the originals because I wasn't a fan of World War combat games and I also wasn't interested in WaW but I heard Zombies was fun so I picked up Black Ops when it dropped. That was the last CoD that I have played. I'm hoping that BO3 brings something new(er) to the table.

cbrcsg20011258d ago

stop catering to little kids

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