Hellblade debut gameplay trailer and more

Today Ninja Theory is happy to be sharing their new Hellblade trailer with you, as well as the latest in their series of development diary videos. In both of these they share Hellblade gameplay for the first time as well as give a deeper insight into the game’s story and world than they ever have before.

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Walker1283d ago

Doesn't look that impressive to me. combat is too slow

ShugaCane1283d ago

There are about 10 seconds of combat in this teaser. A bit early to make such a statement, don't you think ?

thekhurg1283d ago

Trolling doesn't require logic or reason.

XisThatKid1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Still abit disappointed thi sin't happening especially since Kai seemed to have ADHD or other mentle illness(es).

AngelicIceDiamond1283d ago

This game looks sick to me. The atmosphere, graphics presentation, Character models and i can even tell the combat will be smooth.

So far so good.

morganfell1283d ago

Looks as good or better than I had hoped.

Combat is as fast as it is in The Witcher Wild Hunt and look how that turned out. Then again, looking at previous comments by the troll, he didn't think that much of The Witcher.

nix1283d ago

I'm interested... This devs last game was pretty average. I didn't bother about the last game. Heavenly Sword was however one of my favourite ps3 games.

This looks more like Kai.. I wouldn't mind if it's her also.

krypt19831283d ago

It does look like kai but can't be here since sony owns the heavenly ip, Hellblade will make it's way tp xbox 6mths to a year and i can't wait...

never4get1282d ago

PS3 got Heavenly Sword!
PS4 got hell blade...

Christopher1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I have to agree, though, that from those 10 seconds I was not at all impressed. I wasn't impressed with anything in this video. If they want to "sell" me on the game, they need to show better gameplay.

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DarkOcelet1283d ago

I like it although i felt the camera is abit close at times but overall this looks great.

Timesplitter141283d ago

Looks like they're going for a more Souls-like approach to combat this time. This could be good news.

The camera placement seems not excellent for combat, but it's really hard to tell from this teaser

Kal-V31283d ago

You are correct. Only fast combat can possibly be good combat. /s

jcnba281283d ago

I agree, reminds me of RYSE for some reason and I can see this game being filled with QTE's.

showtimefolks1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )


you should check out some videos of how NT are developing the game. and it doesn't look good to you because its a ps4 exclusive. same game on your xbox one would be called, this is better than anything on ps4

Fin_The_Human1282d ago

Why do I keep thinking Tomb Raider.

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DeletedAcc1283d ago

too hot! the style fits perfect to my type of games. very dark, just look at those artworks (google them)

TRU3_GAM3R1283d ago

Hellblade gameplay looks like infinity blade.

BlackTar1871283d ago

So this has nothing to do with Heavenly Sword? This main chick reminds me of the little girl from HS.

lxlkuyaboilxl1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

No this has nothing to do with Heavenly Sword. I believe the developers even said Hellblade isn't even a spiritual successor to that game.

Senua's face paint does remind me of Kai from Heavenly Sword as well. The game looks cool. We'll have to wait and see if the game plays as well as it looks.

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

" the developers even said Hellblade isn't even a spiritual successor to that game"

yup, until it is.

For all we know, this game will end turning out to be the sequel or prequel to Heavenly Sword.

(hell, blade, heaven, sword) lol

scark921282d ago

But.. Hellblade.. HeavenlySword..
Hell.. Heavenly..
Blade.. Sword..

The name has to be related at least!

KwietStorm1283d ago

Yea I thought it was a sequel when they first revealed it, but it's not related. At least it would seem so..

rainslacker1282d ago

Ninja Theory is producing this game on a pretty small budget, and want to bring it to multiple platforms. Since the HS IP is owned by Sony, and I guess Sony didn't want to fund a HS sequel, they're making this. They said it's not a spiritual successor, and game play wise, I can say that's probably the case. Story/presentation wise it looks to be though. However, it's not uncommon for art styles to be very similar in a game with the same character design artist.

R6ex1282d ago

Yup. With only a team of 15 people working on it.

rainslacker1282d ago

I'll admit, they're doing fantastic work from what we've seen so far. Even their dev diaries show a lot of ingenuity in how to get AAA techniques done without the huge budgets. I am really watching this game, not just because I like HS, but because the devs have a ton of passion behind it.

MasterCornholio1283d ago

Looks good


I need to see more gameplay though.

PizzaSteve1283d ago

I like how it's looking. The voices sound similar to Heavenly Sword to me.

Dlacy13g1283d ago

Yes, definitely would like to see more gameplay. Do we know if this is coming 2015?

rainslacker1282d ago

I think it's slated for 2016. Dev diaries seem to indicate that based on what they've shown so far.