GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part One Now Available

The Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part One for Grand Theft Auto Online is now available across all five platforms.

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MercilessDMercer920d ago

This game is getting bigger than my actual life

Digital_Anomaly920d ago

Don't worry, no one's life is that exciting!

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Avernus920d ago

the website: "for the complete list, check out the official Rockstar site".

No link / source or anything on this site. I know R*'s domain, but still, it's convenient for the reader to just click a link on your page to see the source of the news.

OT: Always good to get new cars and new "bling" :D

MRBIGCAT919d ago

Your concerns have been addressed.

Dharma360920d ago

Just give me a cheat so I can disable the police,and a invincibility cheat that lasts longer than five minutes.

VVgamer4lifeVV920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

I love this game, but GTA V has some dreadful loading times. It kills me, and probably the main reason I stopped playing.