Japanese Dudes Play and React to Natsuiro High School for an Hour

"The video is a big official thing with a lot of talking and hoopla, but you can skip to a little after the 15 minute mark for people to start actually playing the game.

"Natsuiro High School is for PS3 and PS4." -PSLS

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knifefight1045d ago

Given that they outright say that these are high school girls, I'm betting this doesn't get a US release.

Captain_Wormy1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Question. Why are the Japanese people so bloody obsessed with High School and Schoolgirls.

never4get1044d ago

Because Japanese knows the importance of High School education, the importance for Girls to receive High School Education.

GeisT1044d ago

In Japan the age of consent is 13. In the west usually its 16 to 18. Just as the west is fascinated with 16-18 year old sex symbols, Japan feels the same about people 13+.

Spotie1044d ago

The same reason folks here in the west were obsessed over the schoolgirl look 20 years ago, give or take.

What I don't understand- not to level this accusation at you, in particular- is why people seem to forget that high school boys will be buying games like this, too. Every time an anime-styled game is announced or released and has some fanservice or something racy in it, there are a thousand shouts of perverts and pedophiles.

First, it proves these people don't know what a pedophile is(not at all helped by our justice system, if I'm being honest). Second, it intentionally and incorrectly assumes that every potential owner of the game will be 35 and male. That's just stupid.

Anyway, I don't see it as any more of a deal than the nurse/nun/whatever fetishes that are larger here. We've kinda gone through our major schoolgirl-love phase, but it's not as if it's something that doesn't at all exist in the western world. Some people are just- apparently- too prudish to accept it in animated form, even though slutty schoolgirl is perfectly fine for Halloween or porn with some 40 year-old "teen."

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JackVagina1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Am i the only one whos hoping this will get localized? :D

MRMagoo1231044d ago

No, I can imagine there are a heap more people wanting some fresh Japanese games. The Japanese are the only ones to fill certain voids in genres and I love them for it, I need a new katamari as well.

Travis37081044d ago

I actually wanna play this!!

Tetsdah1044d ago

Naw, I'm actually hoping it does to. It looks pleasant, goofy, chill, and comical. Definitely different from what we normally get, and I'm willing to give it a try.