The Witcher III’s Card Game Challenges the Notion of Mini-games

CGM Writes: When I sat down to play The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, I fully expected to be drawn in by the series’ brutal world, morally ambiguous characters, and vicious combat. What I never expected, however, was how addicted I would become to “Gwent;” the collectible card game played by the many denizens of the Northern Kingdoms. Do not be fooled by the humble tutorial in the opening chapter, Gwent isn’t just another forgettable mini-game.

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TLG19911260d ago

i really hope they do a mobile app with a lot more cards and multiplayer. would be great to play against real people. Fingers crossed

Canthar1260d ago

As long as it keeps AI opponents also. If anything just for trying out new strat's. Love Gwent

Gh05t1259d ago

There are a lot of games i have played over the years with fun time sink minigames. Final Fantasy IX has a great game. Final Fantasy X had that aqua ball game. Fallout NV even had a pretty good game which is where i got a lot of money for ammo :)

Gwent was fun and is a great change of pace but its nothing mind blowing in the pverall rwalm of minigames.

creeping judas1259d ago

I've yet to play as I am too engrossed in the main story line, I feel like gwent would be a distraction. But once I am done I will try it out.

Takwin1259d ago

It is unbelievably fun. I played about 15 hours of my 136 in Gwent. You have to try it!

Relientk771259d ago

Gwent is amazing, friggin love it

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The story is too old to be commented.