E3 2015: What Will Sony Do?

GodisaGeek: "We’ve saved the very best, most exclusive-est for last, dear readers/viewer/whatever.

Popular English Kids TV presenter, Kris Le Saux, gave us his three predictions for what he thinks Sony will do at E3 2015.

Well, I suppose these are actually Olly The Lion’s choices."

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Brotard1162d ago

It's funny cause every year Phil spencer says oh no we have sooooo much content to show we don't know what we are going to do?! Where as Sony says yeah our first party line up is a bit sparse. That's it, followed by news and reveals left and right weeks before e3 clearing space for who knows what! People need to not be so worried seriously.

Nosred1161d ago


Sparse games...


Dlacy13g1162d ago

What will they do? Duh? Show games and hardware like morpheous.

joab7771162d ago

What did I just watch? And one of two things happens. We either get everything we think we will w/ some morpheus, and a few new pretty good announcements, or Sony has done a masterful job of holding back for E3, and we get everything above and a few huge surprises.

And while I think MS has the advantage for the holiday season concerning exclusives (they did well last yr too, and Sony weathered the price drop), Sony will do great w/ all the great multiplat form games available. And we already know many of MS'S big E3 showings also.

DonkeyDoner1162d ago

showing games..awrsome game that strart with "the last"

Rookie_Monster1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Sony will surrender and announce it is leaving the gaming industry. SARCASM

We really need to stop approving these hourly useless pieces as every one of these these similar articles basically ask the same question. Just watch folks and let it all sink in later.

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The story is too old to be commented.