Nintendo Files for Diddy Kong Trademark

Nintendo has filed for a Diddy Kong trademark in Europe, which spans a list of goods and services ranging from video games to clothing items.

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Geobros1131d ago

what? A new DK Racing please....

Neoninja1131d ago

I hope so. Loved Diddy Kong Racing. It;s probably one of my top 5 N64 games. I particularly enjoyed that it had a small hub area that you could actually explore and a bit of a story to it. People hate me for saying this, but I've always felt it was far superior to Mario Kart.

Geobros1131d ago

N64 had many great games, DDR is one of my favorite too. It was better than Mario Kart 64 for single playing. Though, for multiplayer MK 64 was the king!

Concertoine1131d ago

I could see this as possible since Diddy was strangely missing form MK8

3-4-51131d ago

* I'd like to see them expand upon the open world and make it like a Mario 64 + Diddy Kong racing.

* You would go around levels on foot, collecting "stars" to gain vehicle parts for new vehicles and to unlock new race circuits or maps.

* Then the racing portion would be like Diddy Kong racing.

morventhus1131d ago

sooo basically banjo kazooie: nuts and bolts with more platforming?

Moonman1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

A smart move would put Diddy Kong on his Plane/Rocket kart with a special course dedicated (diddycated lol) to him in Mario Kart 8 and get him super popular again.

Then release a Diddy Kong Racing for day 1 launch title of the "NX" while they are making the next installment of Mario Kart that will take more time.

Bronxs151131d ago

That is very smart!! They should hire you.

FallenAngel19841131d ago

We aren't going to get a Diddy Kong Racing sequel. If anything it would be called Donkey Kong Racing and feature the other memorable Kongs instead of those one-off characters in DKR.

Nucler1001131d ago


Want a Waluigi trademark lol

LOL_WUT1131d ago

I hope this isn't what Retro has been secretly working on just saying ;)