These PSN PS4 sale highlights are even cheaper than retail

Dealspwn: The latest PSN sale offers some seriously high percentage discounts, but seeing as many prices start off absurdly high, they're often not particularly great deals. That said, there are a few that we feel are worth highlighting, as they're cheaper than their physical counterparts.

You'll need a PS Plus subscription to get these hot discounts, but if your subscription lapses in the future, you'll still get to keep these games.

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Blues Cowboy1017d ago

Awesome, always a pain to trawl through the blog post without reviews etc.

bggriffiths1017d ago

I know lack of resale value with digital is a pain, but some of these are very tempting. Good to see prices lower than retail for a change. Infamous: First Light is a bargain there too.

ikkokucrisis1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Great, now if they just had these deals in the North American store

bnoyes1017d ago

Pretty mind-boggling that it's still a surprise to see digital prices lower that retail. But if you've waited this long, no real reason not to wait for an even better sale on physical.

WizzroSupreme1017d ago

They sure are. Wish I had the money to burn.

Toiletsteak1017d ago

Not if you get them pre-owned.

Eidolon1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

I don't think they meant pre-owned too when they said retail.

Morgue1017d ago

I bought all these day one. Money well spent.

bggriffiths1016d ago

Yep, we were comparing to the best new prices for physical.

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