The Witcher 3 news: a patch for the game’s next-gen versions and new add-ons

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game was released almost a month ago, and all this time its creators have been working hard to fix its existing problems and bugs in all project’s versions and to create some new content for the players.
Yesterday, CD Project RED employees announced the new The Witcher 3 update and free DLCs.

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Nicolee1227d ago

they should stop using the word ' Next-gen' by now .

ThatOneRiggaNob1227d ago

Yeah I don't know why that's still going on.

Kalebninja1227d ago

I hate when people say that. its been over a year and a half since the last new console came out, it shouldn't be referred to as the next thing since its the current.

Simco8761227d ago

Term will be used forever now. Since the lifespan of older consoles are so huge now.

starrman19851227d ago

Well, it's used badly here because The Witcher 3 didn't actually come on out last gen! Unless the author considers the PC version last gen.. either way, good news on the patch!

Gwiz1226d ago

Why would you consider a version to be last gen?when it has the potential to go beyond the console threshold.