GameStop: Metacritic to blame for game pre-order problems

Pre-orders are falling because gamers are paying extra attention to review scores, said GameStop international boss Mike Mauler.

The retailer said that – much like in the UK – pre-orders have started to dip in America. But insisted that the number of consumers coming out day one remains healthy.

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Blues Cowboy1166d ago

Wow, what a surprise. Gamers pre-order loads of broken **** last year and now want to wait for reviews before spending their money.

Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

TBH I think most people wait for their favourite streamer tho.

Eonjay1166d ago

I think watching a stream is far better and more accurate than most reviews. You know with Twitch and Ustream we really don't even need to be bothered with so called game journalists and their glorified opinions.

Ezz20131166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Gamestop got it all wrong
Gamers are not waiting for reviews
let's be honest never say any thing about the bugs ,glitchs or the preformance issues

Gamers are waiting after the games comes out to know if it have game breaking bugs or FPS drops that need to be fixed

This new gen have been a complete mess
with HUGE size day 1 updates that fix nothing
and so much content token out of games
so they can sell them as DLCs

Geobros1166d ago

Finally, someone spoke about this problem without fear.