The Witcher 3: How To Get Fool's Gold Quest DLC And Ballad Heroes Gwent Card Set DLC

GearNuke: "Location and Information about the latest set of free DLCs for The Witcher 3."

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--Onilink--1166d ago

aww damm, i thought we were getting new cards.

They should really make a full version of gwent, addicting as hell

dumahim1166d ago

I think they did. Xbox One collector's edition includes two decks. It caused a bit of a stink back when it was announced because CDPR said all platforms would treated equally, but then had to say they meant in terms of the game.

--Onilink--1166d ago

well, this specific DLC doesnt include (at least according to the article), it says its just new "skins" for some of the cards

nucky641166d ago

fools gold is a level 10 quest.........great - I'm level 40.

I'd rather they release paid quests that are level 35+ so players at higher levels would have new challenges.

bomajed1166d ago

Wait for the expansions, they already gave too much content in the game.