New Game Law is Retarded, and Here's Why

Ripten writes:

"In the ongoing fight against free speech, New York Governor David Paterson signed a law today on videogame violence. The law makes it a requirement for consoles to have parental controls and for game boxes to carry age restriction labels. Great job, dumbasses - all that stuff is already being done.

The law also suggests the formation of an "advisory council to study the effects of violent games on the children" and requires the aforementioned parental controls and box labels be in effect by 2010. Gee, I hope we have enough time to get that done.

New York Senator Andrew Lanza states that the study is needed because various other studies in the past have shown that violent behavior is learned, and many violent games these days are kinda violent. They might even be so violent that 9- and 10-year-olds shouldn't play them. In order to study the affects of violent games on children, however, the children are going to have to play the violent games. Maybe it's just me, but this just seems ever so slightly fucking stupid."

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Twizlex3797d ago

Why don't these politician types just get over it and stop being douchebags? As gamers get older, it's only going to get even more pointless since the gamers will be judges and lawyers and such, and they'll be in a better position to destroy these useless "laws".

Nostradavis3797d ago

Agreed. This should be something that parents focus on, not power hungry politicians.

StephanieBBB3797d ago

If your kid is a retard that likes to hit other kids it's likely he will do that with or without video games. If you know how to raise a child in a safe environment with nutricius food on his plate daily (that means no fatty MC fat-fat food everyday or candy before dinner) I can almost guarantee that he will be calm and rational kid. Of course you have to tell the kid when his playing too much and make him go outside for awhile but all in all it's not the video games fault your kid is messed up it's YOUR OWN!

Ignorant people making useless laws. I bet breathing air is soon to have a price tag...

Fux4Bux3797d ago

Not only are both those things stupid. They already exist. It really does not need to happen and is a massive waste of time.

Politicians always focus on these stupid issues because they're so much easier than real problems.

Twizlex3797d ago

Not only a massive waste of time, but a massive waste of money. $70,000 could buy like a week's worth of gas.

mistertwoturbo3797d ago

"Politicians always focus on these stupid issues because they're so much easier than real problems."

Exactly. Why cant they continue their efforts into bigger matters like Child Abuse, Drugs, Theft, etc. etc.

Instead of focusing on something that promotes keeping people in their homes like video games and movies.

Psycho_Mantis3797d ago

It seems that the New York Governor (David Paterson) has never once seen that white little box on the front of and behind a video game box. And probley never once played a game and even noticed what the rateings mean for that matter.

It just goes to show you how incredibly stupid these people are that force video game violence and try to push it further, only in the end to make themselfs look like dumbasses.

micro_invader3797d ago

I lol'd so hard, what a dumbass. Maybe they should start focusing on more important issues, or better yet ones that haven't actually been resolved yet.

mirroredderorrim3797d ago

It's all about the greed. The industry is about to be milked. I am devastated.

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