GameSpy: Battlestations: Pacific Preview

GameSpy writes: "Sometimes the best thing a developer can do with a sequel is drop any pretense at innovation and just revise, review and extend the original to finally fulfill its potential. That seems to be the tack that Eidos' Hungary studio is taking with Battlestations: Pacific, the sequel to the fun but flawed Battlestations: Midway. The original game had an intriguing mix of strategic gameplay as players gave orders to multiple ships, planes and submarines in World War II battle groups and then could take control of any of those units personally in action-style gameplay. The problem was that both sides had control problems -- the strategic portions had a clunky interface that didn't allow for much subtlety and the action part had a different, difficult-to-learn control scheme."

-Two full campaigns
-Integrated fan feedback
-Loads more multiplayer content

-Few gameplay details available
-No mention of when we might get it

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