Double Discounts sale starts today, with extra savings for PS Plus members (EU)

Playstation Blog - Hi Everyone. This week we’ve got huge savings on some of the very best PS4 games for everyone – but best of all, if you’re a PS Plus member you get double the discount. Not yet a member? It’s not too late – sign up today to take advantage of these great deals!

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jackanderson19851163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

some seriously good looking sales in there

before someone jumps in and blasts the prices... for me i'm comparing them to Irish retailers... the digital prices are considerably better in some areas

Toiletsteak1163d ago

There is some decent sales but most of this games you can get cheaper from a store.

Volkama1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Tomb Raider, Shadow Warrior, Wolfenstein stand out there for me for quality and value.

If you haven't already played them then TLOU and Borderlands prices aren't bad. Diablo 3 is good but could use a bit more of a discount, Activision are.... polite word.... polite word.... bunts.

RosweeSon1163d ago

Just got Oddworld new and tasty for Free, based in U.K but pretty certain it was just a temp glitch, I'll take it tho, means I can buy a 2nd copy of wolf among us for ps4 in case we ever get a series 2.

Volkama1163d ago

Pretty sure TWAU series 2 has been confirmed to be in development. And yes, the Telltale bundle is a great deal for anyone that enjoys their games.

DawginTow11163d ago

Wanted to commend the attachment of "EU" in the title; can't tell you how many times I clicked on these only to find out I could have nuthin to do w/em.

Btw, sum1 once mentioned this should go both ways, & US/NA sales should also b marked as such. To which I say, sure, save EU guys the unnecessary click, fair's fair.

jackanderson19851163d ago

should be included in everything yeah, takes next to no time to do it... simple nicety is all

FullmetalRoyale1163d ago

That's exactly what I clicked on here to say, about the "EU" I mean.


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