Driveclub Game Director Teases Surprise For June; "Certain Japanese Car Manufacturer" Inbound

Driveclub's game director Paul Rustchynsky has taken to twitter to tease that June will hold a couple of suprises for the fans. Following this tweet the game director confirmed that a "certain Japanese Car Manafacturer" is coming to Driveclub

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BartMoons1164d ago

Nissan GT-R confirmed guys?

Crimzon1164d ago

I'm curious as to whether they'll add any more tracks to the game in the future, seeing as it's being treated as more of a service now by Sony. I'm not necessarily talking about new locations either, but perhaps new tracks in Canada/Norway/Chile/India/Scot land/Japan. As far as I'm aware they already added a new track in each location once before, and it would be strange if they continued to pump out new cars without anywhere new to drive them. I know that people have been requesting city tracks for a long time now as well.

Yi-Long1164d ago

I believe so. They already hinted at the GT-R coming a few months ago when someone asked about it.

I really hope this E3 we will see multiple exciting Driveclub announcements, like a Rally expansion and/or a City-track expansion, in new gorgeous locations.

Absolutely love the game.

Toiletsteak1164d ago

When are they adding private lobbies? they keep talking about it but it never happens.

BartMoons1164d ago

True private lobbies are still in development. Rustchynsky again confirmed this a few days ago.

elazz1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I would like to see more than one manufacturer. But if we have a Nissan GT-R, Nissan Skyline, Nissan 370Z and maybe something like a race verion of the Juke then it'll be good for a pack. But prefer more obviously

Yi-Long1164d ago

... I also really want the Toyota AE86 Trueno in there, for all our Initial D fantasies... ;)

lelo2play1164d ago

D***s %&/$%#"$"#... what about Driveclub PS+ version. It's way overdue.

Crimzon1164d ago

I'm fairly sure that Sony is saving that to be an E3 announcement. If they are, then I would hope that they're giving the full game away after delaying something that they promised for so long. It would come across as disrespectful to everyone that's supported them if the PS+ edition is still essentially a glorified demo, and we all know that even if they gave the full game away they'd be making plenty of money off people who enjoyed it and decided to purchase the DLC.

BartMoons1164d ago

High hopes Sony announces the PS Plus edition once more the coming E3

bouzebbal1164d ago

this game keeps getting better. Bloodborne is taking all of my gaming time i need to be done with it before i go back to Driveclub

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