Mass Effect 4 Dev - 1 TV Can't Contain Its Awesomeness; Evaluating Everything For Best Experience

Bioware's sr. development director Chris Wynn on how 1 single tv cannot contain the "awesomeness" of the next Mass Effect. Wynn also states that the team is evaluating everything for the best player experience.

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DarkOcelet1046d ago

Show us something Bioware and stop talking..

Hell, no one have thought Bethesda would show Fallout 4 like that and look what happened. They did.

Please show us and don't tell us. Let us see this awesomeness.

BartMoons1046d ago

Hoping E3 is going to be Bioware's show :)

moomoo3191046d ago

Bethesda wisened up to the fact that announcing early and stringing people along for a lengthy pre-release period hurts your game more than it helps. Announce it when its ready, then get the damn game out.

medman1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

You're very angry.

moomoo3191046d ago

Lmao yes im seething!

Godmars2901046d ago

Statement of over-inflation...

Aloren1046d ago

For clarification, he just said that cause there were 2 TVs in the meeting room...

Haru1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

they sure like to talk big, I expect this game to be the best looking game ever and I expect it to look even better than the order or else I won't trust bioware ever again

Godmars2901046d ago

I'll expect that they'll ignore their own story continuity, in some cases as soon as its established, just to make things looks cool.

Aloren1046d ago

Shouldn't matter too much... only half the players who started ME3 finished it, and most of them picked the destroy ending.So if they keep this one in their continuity, it should be good enough for most people.

Godmars2901046d ago

Examples of them ignoring their own story run through all three games. ME3's ending just got the most notice.

They really should have been railed on for the whole shuttle sequence in ME2, but weren't.

kevinsheeks1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Can someone make a shut the hell up bioware meme?

All this talk without any actual tangible substance is annoying it is the opposite of building hype.

I'm starting to think they have something to hide or a big batch of bad news coming with this awesome game that they are trying to prepare for by hyping it up.

M1ST4K31046d ago

Dev's CAN'T show anything unless the publisher says so...

By doing what they are doing, you can see that they are loving to make the game, they are not being forced to work harder, etc... it shows the team morale is nice. And that is a good thing. At least I think of it this way. Let's hope for a E3 blast ;)

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