GameSpy: You're in the Movies Preview

GameSpy writes: "Microsoft's relentless pursuit of Wii-smitten casual gamers has begun in earnest at E3. Teaming up with Codemasters, Microsoft hopes to ensnare entire families with a new kind of multiplayer game that uses the Xbox Live Vision Camera to transplant real people into cinematic endeavors similar to classic sci-fi B-movies. It's certainly a novel concept, and relies on a non-competitive style of gameplay like that kind found in Wii Music, but whether or not these campy home-brewed short films can offer the kind of mass appeal that the Wii has so adeptly achieved remains to be seen."

-Mini-games provide fun activities whose ultimate results can be surprising
-Fairly good-quality digital compositing

-Promotes acting like a complete moron in front of your family and friends
-Heavily reliant on lighting

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