New Devil May Cry 4:SE Trailer

Brand new trailer for Devil May Cry 4: Special edition featuring new cutscene and gameplay clips.

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DarkOcelet897d ago

Lol at the spam attack in the end.

And Vergil looks really overpowered.

Still, thats awesome. Gonna kick some @ss with Vergil.

BillmadeAGate897d ago

Capcom can you stop with the fucking remasters already! !! Jesus thier milking remasters worse than Naughty Dog and Microsoft Studios combined. Dmc4.. seriously? I'd rather you remaster Lost Planet. . And that was Crap!!

Eiyuuou897d ago

The difference is tat this one costs only 25€.

DeadlyOreo897d ago

This looks fantastic. Can't wait to go through this again.

Roccetarius897d ago

Vergil is more broken than ever, but still awesome.

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