GameSpy: Flower Preview

GameSpy writes: "Upon its release last year on PlayStation Network, That Game Company's flOw was a breakthrough hit for the indie developer, and helped forge PSN's image as a boutique for independent vision. At this year's E3, That Game Company unveiled its next project, Flower. We played a bit of it behind closed doors, but also saw a demo from TGC co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen. The best thing we can say about Flower? We're very excited to try it again in the near future.

Chen explained that TGC's vision is to explore what's possible to communicate through video games. Its goal is to explore the emotional palate, which he said is only having one area stimulated by most games. It's TGC's mission to create experiences that expand said palate and advance the medium. The team has three core ideas behind its games: creating a unique feeling from gameplay, making accessible titles, and using sound as an interactive element. flOw's tagline was "life in motion." Flower's is "life in balance." Both use TGC's core ideas."

-An aesthetically-pleasing title that's equal amounts simple and complex
-One of the most promising DLC titles of E3

-The idea of blowing flower petals around might be a pretty tough sell for some

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