GameSpy: Left 4 Dead Preview

GameSpy writes: "Over the years, I've constantly been attracted to team-based shooters. There was Capture the Flag for Quake II and III and Team Fortress Classic, among others. I've always had a soft spot for those with a less sport-focused approach in favor of something a little more cinematic, like Assault for Unreal Tournament and UT 2004, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, or even SWAT 4.

So I'm looking forward to Left 4 Dead, which takes four survivors of a zombie apocalypse and has them attempt to navigate their way through the videogame equivalent of a horror movie, either against computer AI or with humans assuming the roles of a few zombies with special abilities. But these types of games have always had trouble finding a wide audience, and after some playtime at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, we're starting to wonder if the world is ready for a game this smart."

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