Sony Bend's Unannounced PS4 Game Could be a Third-Person Resistance

The Games Cabin's Chris speculates on the possibilty of Sony Bend's PS4 game and concludes, given the little evidence there is, that the first-party studio may be taking another shot at the Resistance franchise.

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Thatguy-3101045d ago

Thought it was going to be that horror game that was like "the last of us". Man these rumours are getting out of control. Can't wait to see what actually is real on Monday

chrish19901045d ago

I'd say it's possible to turn the Resistance series into a survival-horror. It's got everything a good one would need; a fearsome, grotesque enemy - the chimera, a world in ruins, I reckon it'd be a good shift for the franchise. Though that's just me, others might call it blasphemy to have the Resistance games stray away from the first-person shooter genre.

Thatguy-3101045d ago

I never thought of that. You know that's what got me so intrigued with resistance 3 because it looked really gritty at first. That franchise could work as a survival horror.

Crimzon1045d ago

Done right, a third person Resistance game could be very similar to Gears of War, or at least what people thought Gears of War was aiming for before it went in a more absurd direction. They could go the survival horror route of course, but I'd much prefer some intense human vs. chimera firefights that make use of the crazy weaponry that the franchise is known for.

bouzebbal1045d ago

i thought they would be making Syphon Filter. I hope they bring this series back because we have no idea what will happen to MGS after V. Syphon Filter is a good series

scark921045d ago

Horror Based Resistance game?!? YES PLEASE!

OB1Biker1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

It would really make sense specially after Sony trademarked 'RESISTANCE' a few months ago.
As long as its TPS its cool for me

SolidGear31045d ago

Resistance 3 felt more horror to me than military FPS

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1045d ago

I agree. That first resistance game especially had a lot of jump moments. If they added those invisible chimera from R2 that would be insane.


Did I heard TPS? Resistance, Syphon Filter and TLOU are all cool and so... But... SOCOM OR BUST!

Come on Sony, do it! I dare you! ... Pretty please with sugar on top?

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Genuine-User1045d ago

They already did that with Resistance Retribution on the PSP. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

showtimefolks1045d ago

Resistance Retribution was awesome so i am confident they will be able to deliver an amazing experience, if indeed they are working on resistance

before E3 just take every rumor as just that a rumor.

morganfell1045d ago


As regards the article it doesn't make sense to say, "given the little evidence there is", as that is like saying "since we have no clue we might as well make something up."

pwnsause_returns1045d ago

As long as the story is not a crap as R2s story and turn it into a COD/Halo I'm fine with it, it, not knocking on those games, I just hate when games try to clone those 2 games due to their success, and resistance should of kept its own identity.

R3 was great, a story so awesome, but a multiplayer that was pretty crappy.

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Iltapalanyymi1045d ago

wow cool. i kinda would like a resistance collection for ps4 too. never really got around to play the series, even tho i have owned a ps3 since launch. maybe its time.

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zsquare1045d ago

Resistance has a great story, would be cool if they reboot it into a 3rd person action horror game.

Inzo1045d ago

Didnt care much for Fall of man, but I loved R2 and R3 and this would be a huge announcement for me.

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