Your go-to article for E3 2015

MWEB GameZone writes: "It’s almost time for the world’s premier video game and technology expo, E3.

Here is a comprehensive guide detailing what you can expect from exhibitors, the times you can join the live stream events and lots more. We'll continue to update the article as more E3 news release."

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Choc_Salties920d ago

I just want one thing... Fallout 4!!

Sillicur920d ago

Everyone does man, everyone does :)

SonZeRo920d ago

looks good, cant wait for more fallout stuff. thats all i care about for now.

Sillicur920d ago

Lol looks like Bethesda might just "Win" E3 :)

HanCilliers920d ago

I'm most excited for the Microsoft reveal

Sillicur920d ago

Indeed, i wonder how sony will respond and what they have in store, hopefully its gonna be a good fight :)

HoldenZA920d ago

Nice write up! This years E3 is going to be boss!

lord zaid920d ago

Im strangely not bothered by E3 at all this year. I'll probably be playing Batman Arkham Knight :D

Sillicur920d ago

Its gonna be epic bro ! Cant wait to see what MS and SOny have in store, hoping for surprise announcements. Also, THe last gaurdian is coming!