Why doesn't the new Xbox One controller have a share (or capture) button?

MMGN: What was the point in updating the Xbox One controller if it doesn’t include a share button?
It doesn't have to be called 'share'. Perhaps that's too obvious, and maybe you don't want to share everything on social feeds. But the lack of a dedicated button to capture what's on screen is the Xbox One controller's biggest failing, and now was the time to fix it.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima917d ago

I agree. I was for sure they'd put a capture button on the new controller. Guess I was wrong. Just doesn't make sense.

HaveSumNuts917d ago

The next controller they release will have a capture button. Maybe the next controller after that will come with built in rechargeable batteries instead of AA. They sell a headset adapter and play n charge kit for $50 in total. MS are not ashamed to sell these peripherals when the competition included it built in. Even with the new iteration of the XB1 controller you would still need to pay extra for a play n charge kit to match Dualshock 4 built in day 1 features. You need a kinect to shout Xbox record when DS4 has a built in button to do that. I mean come on, they went on about how much they spent revolutionizing the XB1 controller when the only new features they added were rumble triggers and a less crappy D-pad.

ThatOneRiggaNob917d ago

Actually you can take screenshots and record with just double tapping the home button and pressing X or Y.

Immorals917d ago

Replaceable batteries are infinitely better than built in.

thrust917d ago

Yeah put in a battery that only lasts 4 hours and not replaceable that's a downgrade to me!!

Volkama917d ago

You get a headset thrown in with the Xbox One. In fact because they were not initially planning to include a headset at all (they intended for Kinect to cover voice chat) the headset that got included last-minute is a much higher quality than the earbud you get with a PS4.

They should have included a share button though. double-tap and x/y is so much more clunky than tapping a single button, as snap isn't instant. Perfect opportunity to do it with the controller re-iteration, and the fact that Windows 10 natively supports DVR and screenshots would have been the perfect excuse.

mozzie917d ago

First of all, the disposable AA Batteries do not match the DS4's battery life. They absolutely destroy the DS4 in that matter. AAs last upto 30 hours of gaming or even more. Second of all, it may not have a dedicated share button but if you double clickt the xbox logo button you can choose between dvr or screenshot.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Having to worry about "going to the station for charges" every day is a daily downer. I love NEVER worrying about charges. I don't want a wired controller with temporary 3-4 hour wireless.

I agree that a button for sharing would have been good.

@RocketScienceLvlStuf, aren't you BACKWARDS? Didn't the DS3 not have a headphone jack while the 360 controller did? <- That would mean Sony copied Ms. All Microsoft is doing with the new controller is eliminating the need for the adapter.

meche334916d ago

Lol my ps4 controller last for 5 to6 hrs while my xb1 controller last like 2and a half days

gamer9916d ago

At least they gave a headset instead of an ear bud

Malacath916d ago

Batteries wear out and lose their high point eventually. If batteries were built in you would need to replace the controller when battery wears out. Ive had to replace a few ps3 controllers over the years because of this.

Also you dont need kinect to record video or take screenshots. Just double tap the xbox guide button then press x or y.

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Mikefizzled917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

For those who may not know to get a capture quickly its press Xbox button twice and either x or y depending on what you want to take.

WeAreLegion917d ago

You seriously have to do that? How are you supposed to take them on the fly?

maybelovehate917d ago

I just use the voice commands. That way it doesn't affect gameplay at all.

showtimefolks917d ago

because MS doesn't want to admit that dual shock 4 is a better controller.

last gen xbox360 was the better console
sold more for a while
had the better controller
had better xblive service
didn't have bluray

xbox one has a weaker console again like last gen
their controller is not way better than DS4(not an opinion, they did a survey of all gaming journalists and they agreed that DS4 is better)
psn-plus is better
comes with a charge cable no need for batteries

and before you tell me how cheap are the batteries it still cost money while DS4 has everything built in

you want to know why this new controller doesn't have it the button? because of MS's ego

jackanderson1985917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

a survey is just another form of opinions... what's better will always be an opinion (also where was this survey done of all gaming journalists exactly?)

as for the rest (well except the weaker part it's proven that way), that's all subjective... PSN depending who u ask is worse, some people honestly don't like the built in batteries (lots of stories around the web on how they're pretty poor on some PS controllers)...and isn't that charge cable pretty short? bit inconvenient for use while playing (some people don't like to leave consoles on unattended)

Software_Lover917d ago

They don't need a "capture" button. The capture process is built into the software. Hit the home button twice and tap X or Y

kingPoS917d ago

I don't get it, why do people say the ds4 doesn't need batteries, of course it does. Just not the disposable kind.

Acid leakage, from what I've seen tends to happen when alkaline batteries overstay their welcome. Oh well, it's not something I have to worry about.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Volkama917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

@Software_lover I find opening the snap interface causes the console to hitch for a second or two. Sounds like a small issue, but it isn't. Recording and taking screenshots with kinect or the PS4 share button is a far better option. Sharing and social networking are powerful from a marketing perspective, so I'm surprised MS aren't making it as easy as possible.

Also, double-tap and x or y is not currently supported by Windows 10 GameDVR (though I suppose there is no reason they can't add it). This controller is intended for Windows 10 as well as Xbox.

It would have made sense to add the button at this opportunity imo, but it's not the end of the world.

meche334916d ago

All they have to do is change the way u take screenshots remap a button

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Because it is not the playstation 4. Guys....let the xbox be xbox let Nintendo, be Nintendo, and playstation be a playstation. As a multi-console owner, I do not want 2 or three of practically the same devices in my home. I want them to be themselves and be different.

curtis92917d ago

We're talking about a button. A feature. You act like that would change the DNA of what the systems are. Come on.

RocketScienceLvlStuf917d ago

They have already ripped the headphone jack off the PS4 controller. Doing a share button would just be too much.

Where is the innovation Microsoft?

Haru917d ago

We all know microsoft wants xbox to be playstation, they already copied a ton features from PS4, But they have to do it slowly so it won't be so evident they will include a share button and a rechargeable baterry in their next controller that will be included with xbox slim

MelvinTheGreat917d ago

TIL that putting a head phone jack in a controller is innovation. /s

Lets take a step back for moment. Nearly every 3rd party headset has the same headphone zjack, so why would MS not include it in their controller? Its the logical thing to do. Stop being a fanboy sony copied ms on some things to

vega275916d ago


Guess you must have forgot MS had a headphone jack for the controller since ladt gen. They even included it in with the console. Get you facts straight

christian hour917d ago

Could be due to a patenting issue. Sony could have the whole "shar button on a controller" patented for x amount of years. Some games in the past even had their button configuration schemes patented which has caused some devs to be forced to use button configurations that didn't really feel right for their game. I remember reading an article about that a while back but can't remember the details exactly.

shloobmm3917d ago

Because it doesnt need one. The current steup works just fine.

bmf7364917d ago

The Playstation 4's entire design is based around social integration and a games-first idea. The Xbox One's original design was centered around stealing the living room and to make it more widespread for everyone to use with the original design being an always-on, TV-first system with little social integration aside from Skype and Xbox Live, with trying to market the Kinect as a vital part of having the Xbox One work.

Two years after launch, the PS4 has been proven to be ahead of the Playstation 2's year-on-year sales because of its at-launch features along with the newer social and user-friendly features like share-play and controller mapping.

The Xbox One, one the other hand, reversing about half of its promised features in consequence to reversing its DRM and always-on policies, is basically an updated Xbox 360 with Windows 8 and the promising features still to come when Windows 10 is released. Even then, some of the new features promised for Xbox One will not be there when Windows 10 is released like PC-to-Xbox One streaming. And DirectX12 is said to not give the Xbox One too much of a performance boost at this point.

Zeref916d ago

Share button is not a necessity. We can already take screenshots by simply tapping the home button twice. Its just as effective and if I'm not mistaken Screenshots on Xbox One look better than PS4 shots.

WhyHate916d ago

The answer is obvious because it doesn't need one! A smart company handles things through software where needed allowing them to use their hardware budget in other areas. That's why XBOX ONE is capable of preforming acting not possible on any other videogame console before it.

The futures so bright I gotta wear shades. :D

E3 2015..... Five days and counting!!

TheXgamerLive916d ago

Because dbl tapping is just sooooo hard right? Damn get up and move your sorry asses. The buttons are great just the way they are.

miyamoto916d ago

MAybe Microsoft does not want their controller to look too much like the Dual Shock 4 in terms of features?

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crazychris4124917d ago

That's actually a good idea maybe put it between the d pad and right stick. Can go into settings to customize what 1 n 2 button taps or holding the button will do. 1 tap for screenshot, 2 for 10 second clip, hold to bring up video clip menu.

vega275917d ago

Im glad it doesnt. I wish people would stop trying to make the X1 a copy of the ps4. Sony has its way of doing thing just as microsoft has its. If people want sony features so bad just buy one.

HaydenJameSmith917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

I agree, it's not that big a deal either. Why is it being made out like it is...

Blues Cowboy917d ago

Because you just double-tap the Xbox button.



subtenko917d ago

Or the X X X and Y Y Y..or you will be sucked! :O

gosukyomomma917d ago

precisely there is nothing worse than playing a game then your batteries die leaving you running around your house taking batteries out of remotes and kids toys just to finish your level
- it happened to me the other morning, 3am fifa with my friends online my batteries go all other batteries are dead and my battery charger was not plugged in because i needed the power point for something more important, shops are closed i sat back and thought wow i cant even play my game because stupid cheapskates MS didn't include a play and charge kit for free or built in power pack.

feels so dated this could of improved things a lot but no the cheapskates have done it again they really do piss me off at times microsoft.

iistuii917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Yeah I feel the same when I'm on my PS4 & the lead they give you means I'm sitting 3 foot away from the tv until the batteries are charged., where I could quite easy stick a couple of batteries in & carry on... See there's an argument for both.

Oschino1907917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

@iistuii, you can easily buy an extended 10ft Micro USB cord for the price of a pack of batteries or just get more then 1 controller so you can rotate when one gets low.

mozzie917d ago

LOL nice story you got there. but tell me what exactly would have happened if you played fifa on your ps4 and the DS4's battery died? You would have had to plug it in wouldn't you? Now guess what, if the xbox controller's batteries die, you do the same, you PLUG IT IN and it works. Your argument is invalid.

Well Microsoft is not a charity, so they won't include a free play and charge kit just because you want them to.

iistuii917d ago

@Oschino, I've got two of each controllers on my consoles, I am just making a point about his story, if I didn't go buy an extra controller or a10 ft extra cable my arguement stands. It's any excuse to have a moan at MS, the Xbox one needs batteries, they will run out, people need to deal with it or don't buy an Xbox.

Zeref916d ago

Or you could just plug in the USB. Just as you would with the PS4 when the battery runs out after just 4 hours.

TheCommentator916d ago

4 pack of rechargable batteries - $10.
10' USB charge cable - $10

PS4 = 4-8 hrs wireless
XB1 = 30-40 hrs per charge and never plugged in.

BTW, Gosuk, when the low battery message comes up you have about as much time as a fully charged DS4 to get some more batteries ready. Do I have to throw a yellow card up for your misconduct or can you play nice with the other team?

Professor_K916d ago

Most would much rather buy a fresh pack of green Rayovac batteries than to resort to old gen gaming of wired

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