Why doesn't the new Xbox One controller have a share (or capture) button?

MMGN: What was the point in updating the Xbox One controller if it doesn’t include a share button?
It doesn't have to be called 'share'. Perhaps that's too obvious, and maybe you don't want to share everything on social feeds. But the lack of a dedicated button to capture what's on screen is the Xbox One controller's biggest failing, and now was the time to fix it.

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crazychris41241198d ago

That's actually a good idea maybe put it between the d pad and right stick. Can go into settings to customize what 1 n 2 button taps or holding the button will do. 1 tap for screenshot, 2 for 10 second clip, hold to bring up video clip menu.

vega2751197d ago

Im glad it doesnt. I wish people would stop trying to make the X1 a copy of the ps4. Sony has its way of doing thing just as microsoft has its. If people want sony features so bad just buy one.

HaydenJameSmith1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I agree, it's not that big a deal either. Why is it being made out like it is...

Blues Cowboy1197d ago

Because you just double-tap the Xbox button.



subtenko1197d ago

Or the X X X and Y Y Y..or you will be sucked! :O

gosukyomomma1197d ago

precisely there is nothing worse than playing a game then your batteries die leaving you running around your house taking batteries out of remotes and kids toys just to finish your level
- it happened to me the other morning, 3am fifa with my friends online my batteries go all other batteries are dead and my battery charger was not plugged in because i needed the power point for something more important, shops are closed i sat back and thought wow i cant even play my game because stupid cheapskates MS didn't include a play and charge kit for free or built in power pack.

feels so dated this could of improved things a lot but no the cheapskates have done it again they really do piss me off at times microsoft.

iistuii1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Yeah I feel the same when I'm on my PS4 & the lead they give you means I'm sitting 3 foot away from the tv until the batteries are charged., where I could quite easy stick a couple of batteries in & carry on... See there's an argument for both.

Oschino19071197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@iistuii, you can easily buy an extended 10ft Micro USB cord for the price of a pack of batteries or just get more then 1 controller so you can rotate when one gets low.

mozzie1197d ago

LOL nice story you got there. but tell me what exactly would have happened if you played fifa on your ps4 and the DS4's battery died? You would have had to plug it in wouldn't you? Now guess what, if the xbox controller's batteries die, you do the same, you PLUG IT IN and it works. Your argument is invalid.

Well Microsoft is not a charity, so they won't include a free play and charge kit just because you want them to.

iistuii1197d ago

@Oschino, I've got two of each controllers on my consoles, I am just making a point about his story, if I didn't go buy an extra controller or a10 ft extra cable my arguement stands. It's any excuse to have a moan at MS, the Xbox one needs batteries, they will run out, people need to deal with it or don't buy an Xbox.

Zeref1197d ago

Or you could just plug in the USB. Just as you would with the PS4 when the battery runs out after just 4 hours.

TheCommentator1197d ago

4 pack of rechargable batteries - $10.
10' USB charge cable - $10

PS4 = 4-8 hrs wireless
XB1 = 30-40 hrs per charge and never plugged in.

BTW, Gosuk, when the low battery message comes up you have about as much time as a fully charged DS4 to get some more batteries ready. Do I have to throw a yellow card up for your misconduct or can you play nice with the other team?

Professor_K1197d ago

Most would much rather buy a fresh pack of green Rayovac batteries than to resort to old gen gaming of wired

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