Xbox One wireless controller adapter will only work with Windows 10

The Xbox One controller has worked with PCs for awhile now, with one caveat: Even though it's a wireless controller, PC compatibility requires that it be connected to your box with a micro-USB cable. You'll soon be able to cast that cable aside, however, as Microsoft announced today that the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will be released this fall. But there's a catch to that, too.

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NeoGamer2321199d ago

Win10 is a free upgrade so people should not care. This is like Someone saying you require iOS9 for Apple Music. It is part of the constant upgrades Apple does and nobody questions it.

Windows is turning into a similar OS as a Service.

Eonjay1199d ago

That a silly requirement for a USB receiver. No it wont stop anyone who cares, but it is still silly.

monkeyDzoro1199d ago

It depends if Win 10 is actually better than Win 7. Nothing can be worse than Win 8.
If Win 10 is better, then there will be no issue.

343_Guilty_Spark1199d ago

Windows 7 is a performance and resource hog. Windows 8.1 is already better than 8; but 10 in preview is much better than 8.1. It's time to upgrade guys, no reason to be on 7 at all.

DeadlyOreo1199d ago

People should care really because Windows 10 could be terrible. Plus people who miss the upgrade will have shell out money just to use this.

RedDevils1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Don't worry I would just wait about a year and it still wouldn't be too late to get a free windows 10, that when all the compatibility will all be sorted out by then lol

andibandit1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I'd say people who still got Windows Vista, problably werent going to upgrade anyway.
Anyways Windows 10 is already out in a beta version and it's looking pretty good so far.

Edvin19841199d ago

@DeadlyOreo to easy your worries I have been using the beta for about 7 months now of Windows 10 and it has been a total bills. Like Windows 8,1 it is excellent and much better at resources management and isn't a hog like Window 7 was. This is going to be a excellent OS upgrade for all users, and to boot the initial jump is free which is just the icing on the cake.

As for the Dongle requiring Windows 10 and people complaining you can just use the driver and and the USB cord to make it work if that is such a big deal to any one. I think people and not pointing fingers at DeadlyOreo just like to complain and really do not try to thing about a solution to the problem. I really can not wait and will get this adapter to play Batman at 3460X1440 resolution all maxed out on my 34um95 monitor, and at the same time I can play it on my PS4. People have choices and this is a fun hobby seems like people are so obsessed with just being upset rather than enjoying them selfs.... strange.

mhunterjr1198d ago

People are already using it... At its pretty darn good... Easily the best update they've had in a LOOOOONG time...

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Godmars2901199d ago

Depends on MS does after Windows 10 is out. What they start asking or requiring for this "free" upgrade.

freshslicepizza1198d ago

such as? are you purposely just being pessimistic for the sake of being pessimistic here? there is no fee if you get your free upgrade.

it's amazing how even when they offer something for free people still complain or think it's not good enough.

Godmars2901198d ago

Its going to be "free" for a limited time. Maybe they're just doing this in defense of Google and Valve and their OSs, but this isn't being done just for being done.

freshslicepizza1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"Its going to be "free" for a limited time."

they already stated if you upgrade within a year.

"Maybe they're just doing this in defense of Google and Valve and their OSs, but this isn't being done just for being done."

maybe i will win the u.s. open too. what's your point? you sure seem to say a lot without actually saying anything other than being pessimistic just for the heck of it. oddly enough your membership states you are a contributor but i'm not sure what it is exactly you contribute other than fear mongering.

-Foxtrot1197d ago


"you sure seem to say a lot without actually saying anything other than being pessimistic"

Why do you always have to call users instead of discussing the article.

As you can see Godmars290 comment you've replied to is just replying to someone else. He's not hurting anyone

freshslicepizza1197d ago

"Why do you always have to call users instead of discussing the article."

he isn't discussing the article, he is talking hypotheticals based on nothing.

"As you can see Godmars290 comment you've replied to is just replying to someone else. He's not hurting anyone"

he is trying to hurt the integrity of the offer, why he insists on doing that i don't know. of course they want to sell skype and one drive upgrades but nowhere does it even hint that it's a requirement.

the fact is he, and you, seem to be half empty glass people. especially when discussing microsoft. yes i know they have had many issues but your biased views are quite obvious.

Godmars2901197d ago

More to the point, why are you getting so bent out of shape over what I think of MS?

And yeah, I'm bias towards them for integrating IE in a bid to make it popular, introducing downloads and online to consoles, as well as the DRM crap they tried to pull. So of course I think what they're doing with Windows 10 will have some underhanded undertones.

But still, how is my opinion of them really effecting you? Aside from your attempt to use "You Hate MS" as a legitimate counterpoint?

Logic son! You want to defend a corporation that while it has done some if not a lot of good its largely been a self-serving good, that there are what could be called instances where they have or have tried to set themselves up into an exploitative position to then exploit their position, just like Sony with their DRM crap with music or lack of dev tools with the PS3, you have to use more than feels!

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BoriboyShoGUN1199d ago

I don't like the forced updates etc. Microsoft pushing any Windows for free is way to suspicious for me gents. I'll hold out with my Windows 8 and wait to see what happens.

Gh05t1198d ago

Its not forced. You are under no obligation to update. In fact everything will be as it is now for you if you dont. See how that works NOTHING has changed its just another option.

1198d ago
Dasteru1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


You are completely distorting what was said about the upgrade. MS has already debunked what you just said several times. It will be free to upgrade to Windows 10 if you do it during the first year after its release. After you upgrade there is no cost for it ever. If you do not upgrade within the first year and then decide to upgrade after, it will cost just like previous versions of Windows. It is a 1-time fee though. There is no monthly/yearly cost.

The offer to upgrade for free expires after a year. Not the upgrade itself.

BoriboyShoGUN1198d ago

Windows 10 auto-updates! I dont like the idea of them just installing whatever they want into my PC. There is a lot of behind the scenes features on this Windows that people aren't aware of. My point is that I will wait to see what happens.
I like to download movies from piratebay etc. and im pretty sure this wont make my life easier from that stand point. Will not be jumping aboard just yet!

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Iceball20001199d ago

Apple Music is part of iOS 8.4 and about the adapter only a n win 10, I'm sure someone will find a way

Tiqila1199d ago

your argument is that we should not care whether this is the right approach of MS, because apple is doing it and no one questions it?

NeoGamer2321198d ago

My argument is that this is now standard procedure for Operating Systems... Apple does it, Android does it, and now Windows is doing it. Get used to it, because this is the only way the major OSes work now.

Tiqila1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

maybe the only reason for the major OSes working like that is users that do not care. Of course you can always care less, because things are the way they are, right? wrong. "get used to it" is such a stupid attitude.

lemoncake1198d ago

Microsoft making windows 10 a free update was a great move, it is also shaping up to be the best version of windows in a long time.

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affrogamer1199d ago

$25 is a ridiculous price tag for this thing. It should be no more than $10-15 smfh

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Edvin19841199d ago

This is pretty cool so my 2nd XboxOne controller will work wirelessly with my PC for my single player 3rd person stuff... hmm I got Batman to play on my new 34um95.

Seafort1199d ago

I'll stick with my wired X360 controller and not give MS more money than I have to :)

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