Dragon's Dogma Online PS4 Beta Expanded to 50,000 People; Spots Still Available

A couple days ago, Capcom opened applications to the PS4 beta of Dragon's Dogma Online in Japan.

Initially, only the first 10,000 to get the ticket from the Japanese PSN were supposed to have guaranteed access to the beta, but that has now changed. Capcom announced today with a press release that guaranteed access has been expanded to the first 50,000 that will get the ticket.

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Tetsujin920d ago

IF they released this in the US that would be filled within minutes.

MeteorPanda920d ago

or eu. I'd be all over that shit. The only thing that would make DD better would be multiplayer options.

Honestly one of the best games l've played last gen, along with Kingdom of Amalur

WizzroSupreme920d ago

Wow, that's a lot of folks! Crazy.

theshredded920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Combat and gameplay puts every RPG on PS4/Xbone to shame except Bloodborne

thejigisup919d ago

Better be some tickets left wheni get home

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