Divnich Tapes: Xbox 360 Price Cut Should Take It Ahead Of PS3 In July

Interesting article that debates how much the price cut will be in play for sales in July.

Analyst Jesse Divnich gives his opinion on whether the Xbox 360 price cut will only be a short-term or long-term success story for Microsoft.

The article also talks about Nintendo's dominating role in the portable and handheld markets.

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PoSTedUP3622d ago

if the price cut does little damage that wouldnt be to good for the 360, but i bet it will sell a bunch of consoles just like a price cut should.

SmokingMonkey3622d ago

to stop the PS3's current growing momentum and after E3
LBP unmatched

mistertwoturbo3622d ago

Isn't the $299.99 "price drop" just a firesale anyway? To clear out space for the new 60gb models.

SL1M DADDY3622d ago

It is a clearance sale for the 20gb models. After that, the price will return to what it was prior to the clearance.

fufotrufo3622d ago

after e3 what?

Ms won :D jajajaja

soul899er3622d ago

thats what they said with Halo 3 and look what happened >_>

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The story is too old to be commented.