Predictions: Which Of The Big 3 Will Own The E3 Stage?

With E3 just around the corner, everyone is wondering what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have in store for gamers. Which company has the edge?

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BitbyDeath1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Probably Sony, but I wouldn't count Nintendo out as they might have new hardware announcements that could blow everyone away.

StrayaKNT1135d ago

Microsoft will have it in the bag if a gears trailer is Shown. Even if it's just a remaster gears will own e3 EASILY

Rimeskeem1135d ago

I was excited for the Gears remaster until it was only the first one.

ziggurcat1135d ago

i have not played gears yet, so to be able to play it, even if it's just the first one, on xbone will be welcomed from my perspective.

ziggurcat1135d ago

not if sony shows the last guardian...

StrayaKNT1134d ago Show
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DeadManMMX1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Cmon..really? If it is shown that is awesome that its FINALLY finished and coming but that game is far from mainstream. That game is far from a console seller. Well this is if ICO and Shadow of Colossus are any indication but hey anything is possible. I guess we will see. I can't help but think Sony has something with more mainstream potential up their sleeves.

bmwfanatic1135d ago

If the last guardian is shown then gg ms and Nintendo especially if it releases this year.

Ocsta1135d ago

Yeah because that dudebro crap is SOOOOO relevant today. Grasping at straws much?

ThichQuangDuck1135d ago

Remasters will not win an E3 ever. If Gears 4 multiplayer gameplay is shown with attachment of beta to remastered and Remastered launches on Monday then it will be interesting.

Rookie_Monster1135d ago

So what you are saying is that if Sony show Uncharted HD as their main exclusive in the Fall, Sony will lose. And I totally agreed. GEARS HD is only a small portion of the MS exclusive lineup in the Fall.

MasterCornholio1134d ago


So now announcing games for 2016 doesn't matter?


I really dont believe you know what the objective is at these conferences. A part of it is to hype the launch of games during the holidays but its also about announcing new games that will release in the following year.

Unlike most people I judge a conference by its whole. I don't just focus on what's coming out at the end of this year and grade it based on that.

ThichQuangDuck1134d ago


I just got a PS4,but want a Xbox One for Gears, Cuphead,Superhot and many other games. The only one winning E3 is gamers. Sony spreads their games throughout the year where as Microsoft generally focuses on early year and holiday. Both work out well with exclusives. I have been to the Game Developers Conference. Met Phil Spencer. You guys are more obessed with who wins or loses then they are.

PaleMoonDeath1135d ago

Brother, I fear the gaming community have moved on since 2007, but nevertheless, Gears is dope.

ThichQuangDuck1134d ago

Gears is dope,but more hyped for Gears 4 than outsourced remaster. Remaster could come anytime between E3 and holiday. May consider Xbox One for it,but Killer App will be Gears 4 launch

MasterCornholio1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Even if they only show a remaster?

Um no.

I find it shameful that you believe that revealing a remaster is going to have a bigger impact than revealing Scalebound. Scalebound is going to be much bigger than a simple Gears remaster.

You really have no respect for Platinum games.

Magicite1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Haha, u wanna say that old remastered game will own E3 and new and original IPs will be left in shadows? Talk about being delusional.

OT: Sony always wins E3 for me, because only they have necessary variety of games and genres.

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Rimeskeem1135d ago

If Sony shows The Last Guardian with a 2015 release date...... I'm sure if my body will be ready for it.

iistuii1135d ago

Don't get me wrong I like watching e3, however more than half the stuff they show looks absolutely nothing like the game I put in my console a year or so up the road. They should all be made to show actual footage from the actual console they are releasing the game on, either that or explain its running on a Titan x triple sli set up..

Tiqila1134d ago

the bigger problem is finding a stream that streams e3 conferences in high quality and without lag.

zsquaresoff1135d ago

I go with Sony but...

Also interested in the amount of noise Msoft is making regarding first part games and exclusive titles coming on xbone.

If they have some enticing titles, might just buy an xbone.

MasterCornholio1134d ago

They also made a ton of noise before the X1 and Kinect reveal and look what happened.

Just because you brag about something doesn't mean that it will be the best.

Moldiver1134d ago


Showing what you got is not bragging. And comparing a big hardware risk like kinect and the initial X1 reveal, to MS games lineup is more than a bit silly.We all seen those halo 5 scans from game informer. Those of us that have played the beta know just how good halo 5's MP is going to be. Forza 6 is a big step up from FM5. Gears is...gears! nuff said. scalebound, crackdown, phantom dust, QB, below, inside, cuphead, Joe montana (with possibly an NFL announcement being made at E3) and a bunch of others show that MS is bringing games, not talk. So for them its a matter of stating the obvious. Yes, it will be their most first party centric lineup ever. Yes their games for 2015 and 2016 show promise. And yes they will have much more to show us than they have let on so far. We dont know what rare, twisted pixel or any of their other studio are showing. And the fact they have to move things over to gamescon, an event they have never shown much at before, says a lot about just how much firepower MS is packing for the next two years, alone.

My money is on MS. Im sure sony and nintendo will have good showings too, but I get the distinct feeling, MS will show more first party AAA megatons than the other two. You guys mentioned the possibility of last guardian showing up but if it did, i doubt it would be any solid gameplay. Its been in development hell for years....Thats not something you turn into a playable E3 demo without a lot of duct tape and scripting in place, which in itself would suggest the game is still far off from completion. No mans sky will be the biggest game at sonys presentation again. Its still arguably the most talked about game on PS4, even more so than UC4. I know I am more interested in NMS,personally too. Along with GG's new game.

Nintendo will show off their usual suspects. And thats fine. I want a new zelda, starfox, f-zero and metroid. A new super mario game would be cool too.

Sony will show GGs dino mech game (hard to say whether it will be trailer or gameplay. We will see more gameplay footage of UC4. they will show UC HD trilogy. God of war 3 HD. shadow of the beast. GT7 may get a trailer, but I dont expect any gameplay, or even a 2016 release. this years MLB game too perhaps? and they will show the vita some love. They only have so much time on stage, notably sony have quite a few marketing expect to see starwars:BF, destiny's new DLC and possibly that rumoured COD marketing deal announcement. Those three alone will take up a good portion of sonys E3.So they have to squeeze vita, 3rd party, probably some PSNow talk..probably a couple minutes celebrating their sales. And first party announcements for next year and beyond.

MS will show 1st party games pretty much entirely. And those games are loooking very promising...from halo 5 right down to cuphead.And they deffo have LOTS more to share. That much is obvious. Even with everything they have shown and said so far, there is clearly more, that they are holding off on till E3. They dont really have many ,marketing deals this year. Which is different for MS, in itself. We will hear more about W10 on Xbox. We will hear more about DX12 and how it works on Xbox. If crackdown shows up at E3 instead of gamescon, they will demonstrate their cloud tech, and much crow will be eaten. Joe montana getting an NFL licence will be a thing, making the game Joe montana's NFL 2K15. I dont expect to see hololens.

So on paper, MS look the strongest going into E3, based on what we know.

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