E3 2015 – our 15 most anticipated games

The biggest show in video games is back next week, promising a packed schedule of revelations

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1135d ago
Retroman1135d ago

Dont know about anyone else but my anticipation for e3

R&C , GT7 , NFS , possible Jax/Daxter announcement .

1135d ago
Rookie_Monster1135d ago

Not one Xbox one exclusive are on the list but have PS3 port Persona 5, a small unknown indies No Man Sky, and the still vaporware the Last Guardian on this list. Bias and instant failed as far as I'm concern. Seems like a random list someone at N4G made up.

1135d ago
thanhgee1135d ago

That is why the title is called "OUR 15 most anticipated games". It is like people can't have their own opinions anymore rofl

Acquiescence1135d ago

The Last Guardian
Shenmue HD Collection (come on BuildingTheList, do your magic!)
Gravity Rush 2
Level 5's PS4 game (Ni no Kuni 2 pleeease)
Uncharted 4
Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Persona 5
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
No Man's Sky
MediaMolecule's PS4 game
Kingdom Hearts 3

Anything else is a bonus.

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