Five Things You’re Doing Wrong in Splatoon

Splatoon has revolutionized the shooter, and pulled a lot of people into the genre who wouldn’t otherwise be interested. This is a great thing, but in both cases it has led to people not knowing what they’re doing.

While I’m still grateful there’s no voice chat, if only because I know I’d be yelling at children to get their sh- er…act together and spread more ink, it does slow the spread of valuable information. So here we are, doing our civic duty to help members of the Splatoon community “git gud.”

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TheVideoGamHer1281d ago

So far I've been having fun with it lol.

MSBAUSTX1281d ago

This game is freaking fantastic and I actually agree with every bit of these recommendations. Although covering your home base does nab you some fast easy points.

FallenAngel19841281d ago

Splatoon didn't revolutionize the shooter genre. There are plenty of alternative multiplayer shooters like Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare that offer just as much creativity as Splatoon. People are seriously overhyping this game like its the next Goldeneye or Modern Warfare.

3-4-51281d ago

* PvZ:Gw is definitely the better game, but Splatoon is a respectable addition to the shooter genre.

* I can't play super long 2 hour sessions of it like I can with other shooters, but I can jump into a few game or two very quickly and be on to something else within 25 minutes, and still make progress and have fun.

It's not amazing, but it's unique and fun enough to keep me interested.

PlebeGamer1281d ago

The ink and super jump mechanics are revolutionary. They succeeded in creating stealth in plain sight, making a shooter without emphasis on kills, and made a dynamic environment that you can essentially sculpt at will to suit your needs. These are things that every other shooter, first or third person, developer has wanted to do and just couldn't.

It reminds me of Kojima talking about how Assassin's Creed made him and KojiPro feel shame because it's accomplished what they failed to do.

captainexplosion1281d ago

For a long time online shooters have been trying to find a way to decrease camping and then Splatoon comes out and lets you camp in plain site. The ink mechanic is a regression in MP mechanics, although its amazing in the campaign. To make matters worse one of the two modes encourages camping. And the maps are not dynamic. They are small, simplistic, and boring. Being required to shoot in front of you to move forward does not make the maps dynamic.

MysticMad1280d ago

This is for Capatianexplosion who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. First off Camping is the worst thing you can do for more then 5 seconds because that means you aren't spreading ink. If someone covers you in your color while you're in the ink you'll die. Not to mention their is a barrier around the spawn point. So it's always a gambit to try to go over there. So no camping isn't a problem. You can camp all you want and make your team loss if you so desire.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1281d ago

i agree with the over hyping but be careful what you say a gang of diehard nintendo fans will bomb you with phantom disagrees lol.

captainexplosion1281d ago

I love the campaign. Brilliant mechanics and level design. I don't like the MP though. So many odd design decisions and online problems.

PlebeGamer1281d ago

Camping is extremely counter productive for the main multiplayer mode in Splatoon. If you aren't moving, then you are failing miserably. That also applies to Slat Zones to an extent as people who just sit in them are stupid. You cannot just camp at the higher ranking, against good players, you will lose it for your team.

The solution to people camping in ink and surprising you is to, get this, spread your own ink which they can't hide in.

The maps themselves are small, but the ink makes them dynamic. Ink changes where you can approach from and how long it takes you to reach a position.

In other words, ink functionally manipulates the size of a map. Before you get hung up on that: Of course it doesn't actually change the size of the map itself, only how fast you can traverse it, which is why I say it "functionally" changes the size of the map. Within the blink of an eye, a distance it previously took you 5 seconds to traverse can now take you 10.

Besides that, your weapon load out of choice actually affects how you move about the map because how you spread ink effects how you move. The teammates around you also do this as well. For example, swimming down the streak left by a charger or a seeker allows you to cover distance quickly and with a decent amount of protection.

On top of that, laying ink all over the area acts as an alarm system to tell you where the enemy is approaching from thanks to the map updating ink in real time.

There are tons of strategies to counter camping, most people are just too stupid to not run straight into the jaws of the waiting enemies.

cuicui2101281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Yet I see one problem in not spreading ink into your own basis in classic mode :

with a team we were clearly leading the mid-map, yet we lost the game mainly because we forgot about our own basis which was not fully covered.

I believe this should be the work for one roller, if there is at least one in the team : they're the fastest covering ink machines, yet they are vulnerable to any decent shooter that will maintain them at the distance. But most of the time they run to the front and get shoot anyways =/

On the other hand PvP focused weapons (inkbrush - that I believe is the lowest in ink covering but from far the fastest PvP weapon; and most of shooters with PvP focused subweapons) should run to the front for sure in order the hold back the other team - while the roller rolls on the map!

PlebeGamer1281d ago

Well Ideally you'd all race to the front lines and establish the line in the sand, or ink in this case, on the opponents side of the map. Let the people who get splatted cover the area around the base on respawn, or if it's a big deal near the 30sec mark or so, super jump back to the base and begin inking.

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