Super Mario World Being Ported to the MSX2

Carl Williams writes, "The MSX2 is a gaming computer that we never received here in the United States. Many of the titles that we later cherished though had great outings on this gaming computer, Metal Gear 1 and 2 being just a couple of the big releases, at least later in gaming history. We covered the fan translation ports of the MSX2 Metal Gear 1 and 2 games in our second issue, available here. As most gamers know, Nintendo has never been keen on letting their intellectual properties out to other companies for use. This could be because of the horrendous mess that Phillips made of their versions of Zelda and Mario for the CD-i. It also could be due to Hudson butchering a computer version of the original Super Mario Bros for Japanese IBM compatible computers. Either way, it is unusual to see a Nintendo bred title on a gaming computer, it is probably not an official port. That brings me to the port of Super Mario World that is in the works for the MSX2 gaming computer, right now. Unofficial, sure. Dedicated homage? You bet."

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