Until Dawn Gameplay: What Would You Do? Run Or Hide?

PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is probably going to terrify you, as Nath and Dave prove in their Let's Play.
played two times to showcase some story differences

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NukaCola1014d ago

Platinum of raging anxiety. Looking forward to this.

MrDead1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

..... and relax, that was quite intense.

I love these sort of games, they remind me of these action books I use to get as a kid where you could choose your own path, oodles of replay on this game.

SmielmaN1014d ago

Absolutely loved those books as a kid. Looking forward to this game!

GamingChip791014d ago

Hell yeah! I am so excited for this. Something different. Yes please.

Fin_The_Human1014d ago

I don't play these types of games but other do so I am glad Sony takes a chance with games like this.

This is why I will always support Sony.

mt1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

*dead* the ends

*throws controller at the screen*

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The story is too old to be commented.