PlayStation 3's "MAG" In Real-Time

Kotaku writes: "The reveal of Zipper Interactive's MAG at E3 2008 was slightly tarnished by the fact that what Sony presented at its media briefing was a pre-rendered affair. Sure, it looked like that clip utilized in-game assets, but we've been burned by CG before. Never again!

Fortunately, on the official, we get a look at how MAG will run in real-time, thanks to Rade Stojsavljevic, the game's senior producer. Stojsavljevic notes in the comments that the official still of MAG is "an actual screenshot running on a PS3," one "cropped to center on the action."

Impressive? Hard to tell at 500 x 281 resolution, but we're willing to give it the benefit of the doubt."

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shine13963794d ago

I don't get it, why not do another socom?

Will-UK3794d ago

looks great ,good work sony

PirateThom3794d ago

By the time this comes out, I'd be surprised if it isn't called "SOCOM: something". I think they're using MAG now to avoid confusion with SOCOM: Confrontation.

StephanieBBB3794d ago

Im so glad I decided to buy a PS3 =)

...instead of you know what...

therealwillie3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

these comments are from the playstation blog, page 3

nzitser | July 22nd, 2008 at 2:36 pm

under no circumstance should a game have the word “Game” in its title. (MGS4 you are forgiven). I would revise the name to something like, i don’t know, SOCOM : TOTAL WARFARE or something like that

Rade Stojsavljevic replied on July 22, 2008 at 2:59 pm

MAG is a brand new IP and is not part of the SOCOM franchise so it won’t have that as part of the name.

PirateThom3794d ago

I know, I read that, but I'm really quite cynical :p

Genki3794d ago

Navy SEALS don't fight large scale battles and skrimishes. This won't be the next SOCOM, and if it is, someone at Zipper...ESPECIALLY at Zipper, since they created the SOCOM franchise, had better get their head screwed on straight.


It looks greats the graphics looks like G.R.A.W 2 and that isnt bad for 256 mulitplayer!

Panthers3794d ago

There is another Socom coming out. It is being made by Slant Six. Zipper wanted to do something different and this game looks amazing.

Yipee Bog3793d ago

good, but more importantly I hope it's fun to play

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3794d ago

Well 'MotorStorm 1' looked the same as it's CG trailer


Well 'KillZone 2' looks the same as the CG trailer

He must be talking about xBox 360 games!!! ;-D

+That Sky looks nice!!!;-P Like to erm float in that;)

why do droids cry3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

moterstorm cg trailer

motorstorm gameplay

your dillusional or blind or both droid! :)

killzone 2 well yeah the graphics are sweet i have no quaral with that game. to much effort has gone in to it to be b1tch slapped like how you droids do it

pwnsause3794d ago

thats pretty close to the cgi trailer, thanks for proving us that.

syanara3793d ago

you kinda proved that it is pretty close to the CG trailer there lol

Kleptic3793d ago

yeah...the blur from boosting makes it less detailed, but a static shot will from both will show how close it really is...

Motorstorm is still the best looking arcade racer ever made...the only more realistic racing game around is GT5P...and Motorstrom 2 looks incredible...I don't know why you fanatics constantly ignore how good PS3 exclusives like that look...but whatever you want...Sony has yet to significantly miss a pre-rendered trailer with actual gameplay...they may come a little short, but its kind of irrelevant when they are still better looking than any other game made...

Tmac3793d ago

Lol, I love how that totally backfired on you.

why do droids cry3793d ago

we no not really. i wasnt trying to down play the game. the game does look good i am not saying that it doesn't. it doesn't look that close to the cgtrailer. but thats my opinon. obviosly you see it as a duty to protect that.

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n4gzz3794d ago

It looks pretty impressive graphic wise. 1st person would be great but 3rd person works pretty well too. I just hope it is not top down view.

Panthers3794d ago

No 1st person please. And I seriously doubt it will be top down view. This isnt a SNES game. It is a tactical shooter.

Zipper makes 3rd person shooters. They are the best out there.

J8M7G3794d ago

Can't ask for any better graphics considering the amount of players and this is far better than i expected.


Does anyone know 100% for sure that its fps/tps or is it - as some think - going to be a rts?..........


No confirmation as of now if it is a FPS or TPS or even if 'shooter' is the main gameplay element.

But for sure, with up to 256 people online by the same time, I don't think it's a RTS. I can see ways to do it, but I don't think it would feel that great and there isn't really a demand to that much players in strategy games... At least as far as I see.

I don't remember they saying anything on the conference, but for sure it just scream SHOOTER out of the video.