Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin's Creed

"If you happen to be in Los Angeles next week, they’re giving you a shot."

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Relientk77922d ago

It shouldn't be released every single year

Ghost_of_Tsushima922d ago

"Tell Ubisoft What You Really Think About Assassin's Creed"

Get back to your roots. Black Flag was great then you made Unity and sucked.

-Foxtrot921d ago

Black Flags, despite being good, was not something which stuck to Assassins Creeds roots.

It was hardly a Assassins game, more like a Pirate game they wanted to make but didn't want to risk it as a new IP. Even though there's not one Pirate RPG game on the market, it has no competition

Ghost_of_Tsushima921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I agree Black Flag had more of a pirate feel than assassin but it was a good game. It had good performance, great fun, and pirate ships. All Unity seemed to care about was NPC count.

-Foxtrot921d ago

Can we just put it on pause and focus on other franchises, they have enough franchises to put AC on hold for a good few years, then you can do new IP's aswell.

Whether you liked him or not Desmond and his story was something which gave these games meaning and something to aim for. Now that he's gone the story has lost all meaning, we are just jumping to places with small stories which don't paint a big picture for us to get drawn into.

As I've said they should put it on pauses and reboot it with a good, solid overall story.

Erik7357921d ago

Stop putting to much useless shit and busy work that's not fun to play in every one of your games.

Heres a bunch of content, to bad almost all of it sucks to play.

On top of that the game always lacks polish and just feels rushed.

brokenbracket913d ago

I agree with what's been said. They should definitely take a break, I mean look at Ghost Recon. Future Soldier was a mess in my opinion. It's been a few years now since they've attempted a new addition to the series, and then boom! Wildlands looks insane. If they can do that with Assassin's Creed, then they should do it and see what happens.