Five Things Microsoft Needs To Bring To E3

A new Halo Guardians beta, backwards compatibility and Battletoads would hit the spot.

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gangsta_red1135d ago

I want a new Battletoads game, not a NES remaster. Hopefully they can give us a true sequel to the game which also features Jimmy and Billy Lee...the Double Dragons!

They need to show Crackdown and they need to confirm if the cloud will actually work as they said it would for this game. I want to see full scale destruction with a 4 to 5 player online/couch co-op!

Instead of a cloud gaming service like PSNow how about the cloud upload your 360 digital profile along with the games you bought digitally so you can play them from your Xbox One. I have a ton of games on my 360 and if I could play them on my Xbox One then I could retire my 360 once and for all.

Make it happen!

denawayne1135d ago

Halolens with Minecraft 2

Bigpappy1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

There is a high possibility that there will me something on Battletoads at E3. But M$ has so much stuff to show and that idea of letting people play what they already bought would cause E3 to close for causing a public disturbance.

But really, M$ needs to show as much as they can

t-hall7851135d ago

Is it me or does it feel like E3 already happened through multiple leaks?...

TheColbertinator1135d ago

A proper Fable game. No Molyneux,no motion gimmicks, new engine,only Lionhead. The time is now.

garrettbobbyferguson1135d ago

We're going to see whatever Rare is working on. Possibly a sequel to Banjo Tooie.

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