The Masterplan: Review | Should You Play This Game?

An objective Review of The Masterplan along with some personal thoughts. "At first I was liking the game, but in only an hour of playing it, I just got bored. It felt like every level was the same, just a different layout while having the same objectives and obstacles. A few advanced tactics, such as holding people up and ordering them around or messing with the power and camera systems, were only ever somewhat useful early on until you realize they’re pointless to even do. Since each level can be repeated to gather money, there is no reason to do them flawlessly as there are no bonuses for doing so, which means you can just rush through levels without much penalty even if you mess up. The end of the game becomes even easier, as you will acquire disguises and tranquilizer guns, which just allows you to storm through buildings unseen while knocking everyone out for a long time. Until you get to Fort Knox, there just wasn’t any real difficulty to the game unless I put restrictions on myself. Controlling characters can also be a pain, as they tend to stack up and going into their inventories and issuing commands can get quite clunky as well."

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