Epic Everything Kickstarter Failure Shows Difficulty of MMO Development

Kickstarter has been a major boon to mmo development over the last couple of years for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that it allows game developers to appeal directly to gamers and ask for their financial support in creating the game. This cuts out the middleman, so to speak. The second reason is that any mmo Kickstarter campaign can generate some much-needed publicity for the game. Lastly, developers can see how their projects are supported and hear exactly what those who are willing to support the game actually have to say about the game's features and development. One promising game, Epic Everything, was moving along nicely on their Kickstarter campaign, but the development team pulled the plug in the final week despite reaching eighty percent of their goal. While disheartening for those supporting the game, the Epic Everything Kickstarter failure shows the difficulty of mmo development.

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