PlayStation Now Launches Today on Samsung Smart TVs; First Time on a Non-Sony Device

Sony Computer Entertainment announced with a press release that starting today PlayStation Now will be available on select Samsung Smart TVs.

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Neonridr1288d ago

cool, I will check my TV in my bedroom to see if it works.

Eonjay1288d ago

Awesome. Let us know how it works!

Thunder_G0d_Bane1287d ago

There was me thinking it was launching on PS4 in EU :( boooooo! lol

Aenea1287d ago

Yeah, I rather they roll that out instead.

Have to say, I made an UK account and signed up for the beta test, it's working nicely already.

joab7771287d ago

Here's an idea Sony for your struggling TV and phone business. MAKE a line that's cheaper like Samsung, or partner w/ Verizon etc., and the you could put it on your own TV'S and phones, along with Vue and whatever.

Palitera1287d ago

Revolutionary indeed.
I just really hope remote play doesn't become the norm in the future. It would alienate a lot of users outside of main markets.

Bigpappy1287d ago

I think it will fail, unless the subscription is much cheaper.

Eonjay1287d ago

I think that Sony would lower the price of the subscription before they allowed it to fail. Whats more, it may already be a success. We really can only speculate.

GribbleGrunger1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Sony will balance the price according to penetration. It's one thing catering to an audience of 110m (PS3+PS4+Vita) and it's another catering for an audience of billions ... Yes, I said billions (TVs, Blu-rays, consoles, handhelds, phones, laptops and pads). Even IF the pricing puts a lot of 'casuals' off, a much smaller percentage of a billion is worth a lot more than a respectable percentage of 110m.

Bigpappy1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Fair enough. We shall see how it plays out. They have to drop that price though and have a heavy dose of casual games. I really see Nintendo as having the best chance of pulling something like this off. PS and Xbox? Not so much. I don't see many core gamers going this route, so casuals have to be the market. If it is much cheaper, I can actually see it doing much better on portables, an some core gamers have it for when they feel to pull up an old game or 2. But price and casual content is king with this types of services.

gangsta_red1288d ago

This is a great move from Sony. Samsung TV's are very popular and to offer a streaming game service like PSNow for these TV's is a great idea.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1288d ago

Sony should launch PS Now on any smart device that's capable of streaming.

ninsigma1287d ago

I think that's the plan. Slowly but surely they'll get there! :)

italiangamer1287d ago

Yes that is the plan. They said they will launch it on PS4, PS3, PSVITA, Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets etc.. They said it in January 2014 if I am not mistaken. Just like you said, they will basically launch it on any device that is capable of streaming.

FallenAngel19841287d ago

Who will honestly own this TV with a Dualshock 3 or 4 lying around without a PS3 or PS4

iamnsuperman1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

That isn't the point nor the angle for this type of service. The point is too sell this service as an alternative to buying a console (buy a month when ever you want/when something worth playing comes along or rent a game every so often)

The big challenge is how they will sell it. Bundling controllers with future TV sets will work but they also need to make a big TV advert push. Sell it as a console alternative but the entry price is the controller not a fully fledged system. It isn't about having a controller lying around. Same when this service appears on phones

ninsigma1287d ago

Sony and big tv advert push don't really go together unfortunately. I've always felt they could be doing much better on the advertising side of things.

FallenAngel19841287d ago

That's my point. I really don't see many people with the TV and other PS Now compatible devices willing to buy the controller but not the console.

MasterCornholio1287d ago

I can imagine for someone who already owns a smart TV of this type in they really just want the service all they have to do is buy a DS4 instead of a PS3 or a PS4. That's a lot cheaper than buying a console and I'm sure some people will bite onto it.

FallenAngel19841287d ago

Anybody who's really that interested in using the PS Now app on their TV would most likely buy a PS3. There's not a huge audience of casual gamers who'd keep subscribing to the service but not actually go out and buy the console. If this audience did exist then PS TV sales would eclipse Vita hardware.

Baka-akaB1287d ago

You forget that the ps tv had glaring flaws , like not carrying services like Netflix ... It made it a tv device without much in the way of media playing , and pretty much a tv adapters for vita games .

This here is different , finding a pad is cheap and it's one more extra feature for a tv , and for instances where a console could be dead or not purchased yet

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The story is too old to be commented.