Platinum’s Lead Game Designer Advertises Nintendo’s E3 Events on Twitter after New Game Announcement

After the recent announcement that Platinum Games will be revealing their newest project E3, the studio's lead game designer posted Nintendo's E3 events on Twitter. Coincidence?

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Concertoine1140d ago

Im telling you, Platinum's B team is assisting with Star Fox while Kamiya's team works on Scalebound.

Makes me glad to see Platinum never have trouble finding work.

Neonridr1139d ago

I am going nuts at what they are going to show off. I am really hoping either Star Fox or Metroid. While seeing something like Bayonetta 3 or Wonderful 102 would be nice, it would be so much more exciting to see a Nintendo IP in the hands of a team like Platinum.

Concertoine1139d ago

Star fox is a match made in heaven.

Metroid i'd rather see in Retro's hands. Or EAD's if its a 2D title.

gangsta_red1139d ago

I'm going to have to disagree Concertoine.

I would love to see Platinum take on Metroid. That would be a bat sh%* insane game. Imagine their monster designs for Metroid!

Neonridr1139d ago

@Concertoine - I am hoping deep down in my soul that Retro shows off what they have been working on for the past year and I dearly hope it is another Prime game. But I wouldn't mind seeing what Platinum could drum up with the Metroid license too.

christocolus1139d ago


Platinum + Metroid would be insane. The IGN gameplay reveal is same day as Nintendos conference and looking at this new info,it's most likely going to be a Nintendo exclusive. Kamiya said in the past that he enjoyed working with Nintendo on Bayonetta. i'm hoping this game turns out to be Metroid.

Rookie_Monster1139d ago

I don't know about having Platinum making Metroid. As much as I love Platinum, Metroid only works in a certain style and Retro defined that perfectly with the Prime Trilogy.

Team Ninja, also known for their fast pace action game style even if they are notch below Platinum IMO, also attempted their version a a Metroid Game on Wii and it was just OK but nothing special.

But I would love to see a Platinum made Star Fox game though.

The 10th Rider1139d ago

I wouldn't mind if they made Metroid, taking the gameplay style from Other M a bit further...But make it for 3DS, leave Wii U Metroid for Retro.

jb2271139d ago

Isn't the unannounced title they're referring to supposed to be exactly that? We already know about Star Fox.

deafdani1139d ago

I don't really understand why people want Platinum to make a Star Fox game so much. I haven't seen anything from them that indicates that they have the necessary experience to make that type of game. And I say this as someone who LOVES Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, Metal Gear Rising, and especially Wonderful 101.

Bayonetta 2's "Star Fox" section, for example, along with W101's ship sections, didn't handle well at all. They were fun, but very far removed from the finesse in controls and shooting from a Star Fox game.

In my opinion, Platinum Games are just fine at doing what they do best: batshit-crazy action games. On that genre, they are second to none. I would LOVE to see Wonderful 102, but that's wishful thinking because W101 sold pretty bad. :(

On the other hand: wanna know which studio would make an AWESOME Star Fox game?

Sora Ltd. Masahiro Sakurai's game company.

Case in point: Kid Icarus: Uprising. Despite its pretty damn uncomfortable control scheme, the actual game had very tight and precise gameplay, excellent graphics (for its hardware) and a ridiculously well done dialogue and voice acting, and a pretty damn nice story and good character development. Basically, they've already nailed down the formula for a Star Fox game... so I'd love to see them doing just that.

Concertoine1139d ago


Vanquish, the shooter sections in W101, Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2. They are all fans of classic shmups, and it shows in their games. I bet they're dying to make a space shooter.

Sora could make a great SF, as long as theyre not yacking the whole game like KI:U

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christocolus1139d ago


They are a very talented team,doubt they'll ever have trouble finding work. It's rumored that like Nintendo, MS also has a multiple game deal with them.

themonado1139d ago

I thought the game was unannounced? It wouldn't be Star Fox in that case

Fin_The_Human1139d ago

Its a new fox is old so no its not start fox.

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stragomccloud1139d ago

I bet Scalebound will be pretty good. But from what they showed, it just looks so darn bland and uninspired. I wonder if Microsoft made them tone things down a bit...

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luis_spartano1139d ago ShowReplies(4)
bayonetta1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Could be a new title
cant wait

Fin_The_Human1139d ago

I would love to see these guys work on a game similar to Dark Souls

Germany71139d ago

Great move by Nintendo if it's true, so maybe it's Bayonetta or a sequel for The Wonderful 101? I still have hope for Vanquish 2.

WizzroSupreme1139d ago

I hear people suggesting that Platinum's helping to make the next Star Fox, but wouldn't it be something if they were helping Retro make the next Metroid?...

eyeofcore1139d ago

Its possible, Platinum Games is perfect for gameplay while Retro is much better in terms of game engines than Platinum Games so it would be a god like combo.


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