“The Pig, The Brain, The Lizard” Art Piece Pays Tribute to Three of Gaming’s Best Boss Fights

EB: The French Paper Art Club has four fantastic video game art pieces by Nick Derington for sale, and if you were a Nintendo fan growing up, then you may want to set aside some cash for them.

His series is dubbed “The Pig + The Brain + The Lizard,” and it features stylized versions of the final bosses from Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and Zelda. I’m sure you can guess which boss is the featured enemy in each poster, if not then you probably aren’t a gamer, or at least didn’t start gaming until a few years back.

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Neonridr1281d ago

that's really cool. May have to invest in one or two of these..

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1281d ago

Def, but they are pricey, wonder what shipping is to the States.

Neonridr1281d ago

20 euros according to the site.