Sexism in Gaming 2014 - Let's All Be Adults Here

In the latter half of 2014 sexism became a rather touchy subject within the gaming industry. Female journalists and developers came under fire by people claiming to be members of the group Gamergate. Death threats were thrown about without care. The mainstream news media got wind of all this and made their own reports on the subject. Once again our beloved video games came under fire by the way of criticism.

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Activemessiah1287d ago

"If a game places a woman in a place of vulnerability it is often done so to set the tone."

BOTH Men and women find themselves in that position and the exclusion of the woman is actually sexist when you think about it... both male and female characters must suffer equally because equality and last time I checked, it's what those pesky SJWs are fighting for... unless it's something entirely different.

insomnium21287d ago

You have to torture a man to find out what another man looks like so that you can murder him. The story progression requires it.

Meanwhile this game gets taken off the shelves for promoting violence against women......

Talking about GTA5 obviously here. I just can't get over this thing.......