Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Image Revealed

Rocksteady releases a new image of Harley Quinn

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JWiLL5521286d ago

In before SJW white knights declare this sexist and misogynistic.

zeal0us1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Clearly the sexist and misogynistic pigs over at Rocksteady like to oversexualize women and use our bodies for profit. ~Anita

BlackTar1871286d ago

Them feminists need to stop watching Magic Mike

zeal0us1286d ago

LMAO maybe next time I will include "/s" or just I'm being sarcastic. Here I thought "~Anita" would give away.

SmielmaN1286d ago

Weird Science. This should be the model for the sequel. Although HQ in Suicide Squad is looking fiiiiiiiiiiiine

Takwin1286d ago

I hate the SJW more than they hate images like this. I guarantee that.

SuperbVillain1286d ago

look. Ive been on here trying to get a question answered from someone on this site for 3 days....please...i have an ASUS R20 with an I7 and GTX760....can I run this game on ultra like that beautiful video that came out yesterday? 5 Dollars straight to your paypal if you just answer my question

SuperbVillain1286d ago

whoever disagreed can go choke on a bag of dicks

SuperbVillain1286d ago

Thank you I appreciate that

BlackTar1871285d ago

Wasn't me but this had me rolling
"whoever disagreed can go choke on a bag of dicks"

WizzroSupreme1286d ago

Mr. J was such a lucky bloke. *weeps*