Five Things Bethesda Need to do for Fallout 4

With everyone super excited for Fallout 4 after its mind-blowing reveal, it’s a pretty good time to think about what Bethesda need to do make sure it’s another great gaming experience. The HSR team have come together and created a short list of additions and improvements to Bethesda’s formula that we think would make Fallout 4 a truly incredible game.

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bmwfanatic1284d ago

Only one thing really. Give us a release date.

scark921284d ago

No, they need to take my money!

MasterD9191284d ago

I cannot wait to see this at E3...I must have seen the trailer at least 30 times already.

Perjoss1284d ago

Isn't this being shown off this sunday 7pm PT? 3am UK time, so I guess its very early monday morning. Sunday as in FOUR DAYS AWAY.

joab7771284d ago

This article touched on the one thing I've always wanted from an open world rpg that allows character creation...not having the world revolve around YOU!

Awhile back, it became more immersion as npcs gained their own clock and activities to complete. Let's take it a step further. Let the world happen without you. Maybe allow a bigger than real life window, but, if things aren't noticed or reached in time...oh well. Life goes on. Mayne there is a skirmish you come upon just as its ending, or in the middle. Mayne there is a robbery and you don't catch the the if or stop the murderer and someone dies. Maybe you aren't the strongest, smartest cat in town all the time.

It's tricky for sure, but it can be done. Even the smallest things will add to immersion. It may bother completion is ts like myslef, but imagine the replay value if you are seeing new things everytime you play. I'd rather have dynamic post game support than dlc tbh.

I am waiting for a game that is supported post game to constantly add new little things or change things up. Maybe it's on some type of cycle. Who knows. But that's where we are at in terms of upping the gameplay.

HRoach6161284d ago

It's hard to do that though because if your not there for something to happen, unless you know it's going to happen beforehand, then you wouldn't even know you missed it. Then the developers spent a bunch of time on say, a whole quest line, that a large part of the audience won't even see.

I get what your saying. And I've also thought about it. But it seems like a waist of resources to me. It could probably be done. But I'm not sure how. The witches 3 had a few missions that were time sensitive that you didn't even need to show up for. If you didn't then those missions would have just never showed up. But in that you were told someone needed to see you at a certain place and time. But if you didn't make it you could meet them somewhere else and continue your current quest line. So that's the only way I can see it working.

Just my thoughts though.

Apollosupreme1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Why run processes in the background of your game that doesn't impact your game? It just eats resources and takes away from your immersion.

If I'm a dev I don't want to waste time creating things which I know may never be seen. Why spend time on that?

TheNemesis5011283d ago

seems like they added every thing this guy points out already