Nyko Data Bank 3.5-inch PS4 Hard Drive Dock and DualShock 4 Type Pad released in U.S.

The Data Bank 3.5-inch PS4 Hard Drive Dock and DualShock 4 Type Pad have been released in the United States region.

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spoonard1286d ago

If the PS4 can only use up to 2TB drives, what's the purpose of the Databank? You can get 2.5" 2TB Hybrid drives...

Abel3D1286d ago

^ Misinformed. It can support more than 2TB it's just that up until the Data Bank, it could only support 2.5" drives, which only come in up to 2TB capacities atm.

slinky1234561286d ago

Like Abel3D said. I was trying to upgrade my PS4 with an SSHD, but if you want an SSHD over 1tb it has to be 3.5" which does not fit in the PS4. So I got a 1TB SSHD which is 2.5" since that does fit. You can get regular HDD with 2tb for the PS4 now, but this dock allows you to use just about anything you want now.

Rookie_Monster1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Good option but External HDD is still a better option as that will allow a user to also upgrade up to a 2tb Hdd internally while never worry about running out of space.

Abel3D1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Proof you can't believe everything you read on the internet. It'll support up to 6TB. The idea of PS4 only supporting up to 2TB derives from it only supporting 2.5" drives which are only available up to 2TB atm.

OmegaShen1286d ago

lol, are you trolling or clueless? PS3 and PS4 can go beyond 2tb.

People been doing this without buying a snap on case.

TheTimeDoctor1286d ago

I don't know if external is a better option, but options are always good. At some point they will add it, usb3 tells the future

LexHazard791286d ago

Well if you have the adapter you can get a 3.5 6tb hdd for PS4. So no need for external..

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